So I went on a bit of an epic road trip over the Holidays. We drove from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB for Christmas. Then we drove to Kimberly, BC for some lovely skiing over New Years. Then we drove home.  So I had lots of time on the road.

While driving, or on any day hanging out at the ski condo, I could likely be found in an outfit containing:

  • Jeans - Levi's Straight leg jeans (pictured) or Levi's Skinny jeans or black leggings
  • T-shirt - I took a variety of coloured, striped and plain t-shirts.  Some were longer to work with leggings, others perfect with jeans.   All worked beautifully under a sweater - as it was COLD in Alberta.
  • Sweater - Black Peridot Kiss black cardigan (pictured) or Nicole Bridget purple wool sweater
  • Shoes - Black Fly London wedges (pictured) or black sparkly Toms (for indoors) or Rocket Dog winter boots
  • Hat - Black and white striped slouchy hat (pictured)

One of the lovely parts of such a low-key holiday was that with only a few exceptions (90th Birthday parties and Christmas dinners) I was able to go without make-up for pretty close to two weeks.   Although here I am wearing lip gloss. I am assuming I couldn't find my lip balm at that moment.  And when travelling in Alberta in the winter you NEED your lip balm.

Do you have a go-to outfit when travelling? 

Note for my non-Canadian readers. The drive from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB is about 10.5 hours according to Google.  The drive takes you through both the Coastal and Rocky Mountains.  So in the winter that is more like a 16 hour drive.  And in our case, 4 jugs of windshield washer fluid - one way.