Last weekend was Victoria Day weekend and what I consider the kick-off weekend for summer. It was an easy going weekend of visiting the farmer's market, hitting the playground and doing some errands. So my looks were pretty casual. But it was nice enough out to start pulling out the summer hat collection.

It was also apparently a weekend for quick pictures resulting in these only so/so shots - one which even cuts off my hat. But it is hard to stand there for pictures in my back alley or front yard as people keep driving by or neighbours come out to visit with us. We used to yell car when we were playing games in the alley - now my son yells it so I won't get hit while doing pictures. Times change!



  • Maxi dress - Calvin Klein from Winners
  • Safari Jacket - Addition Elle (from 5 years ago)
  • Hat - Delux

The other big news in my life, after years of working as a consultant, is that I am starting a new full time marketing job.  I intend to keep blogging regularly, but there might be a slight dip in frequency or shorter posts as I get familiar with the new routine.

To my America friends I hope you enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day long weekend.