Before I begin lets remember that leggings are NOT pants.

With that said...Leggings are a great item in many women's closets. As a mother to a very busy 5 year old, there are several practical reasons why I love leggings. They are great under a skirt for trips to the park. They are great under a tunic or shorter dress instead of tights. They are great breathable addition to a skirt or dress on a hot summer day, to reduce that thigh chafing that can happen, etc.

Last week I shared my new Lynx animal print tunic from Diane Kennedy. Today I will share the matching leggings - note NEVER to be worn together.

I love these modal, Vancouver manufactured leggings for all the practical reasons stated above. Diane's clothing ranges in sizes from Small through 3x. These leggings are a 0x. I also love them as they make a bold statement. In short they make a great accessory.

I have been living in these leggings since I got them. There are two events in particular, where I wore the animal print leggings as a bold statement accessory. For the Nicole Bridger event at Eco Fashion Week, I was all business on top in this purple dress from S/S 2012, leather belt from Bronsino and some drop earrings (aside: it seemed like forever since I'd worn earrings).


So while chatting with people at the event, in the darkish club where it was held, it would be safe to say that I appeared all "business" on top. Until they took a look down or saw me from further away... then they saw  the "fun and games" below.

Then I attended a blogger conference and decided to once again use my leggings as a bold statement accessory. This time I paired the leggings with a different dress, Nicole Bridger's silk Flow Dress from S/S 2012.  I topped it off with a thrift store jean jacket, an Erin Templeton belt and my brand new Groovy Glass Girl necklace (purchased at Got Craft? for $40).

I realized after I got dressed I was styling a pretty great eco-fashion look which combined thrift, vintage, sustainable fabrics, local designs and locally manufactured items. And I topped it all off with a pair of Camper heels.

Eco Fashion Week Event (left)

Blogger Conference Event (right)

Thanks to the Fantabulous Rebecca Coleman for taking my blogger conference photos. She is one of the few people I know that could get me to do this...


I am once again participating in Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style, cause why shouldn't I share such an embarrassingly fantastic photo as the one above.

Disclosure: None of the links above benefit me in anyway. The leggings were provided to me by Diane Kennedy to review. As always 100% of my opinions above are my own.