I wanted a nice, but not too dress outfit to wear to a small get-together with some friends.  I was tired of jeans, but thought a dress could be too dressy. So I dressed down a favourite purple Nicole Bridger dress.  I have worn this dress before for hanging out with a girlfriend on a weekend.   Here I wore it with an Addition Elle Safari jacket, black leggings, camper boots and a gold streetcar pin.

I liked the way this outfit turned out, so I took some advice from The Closet Coach and re-wore a weekend outfit to work to help  make an early morning less frantic.  Now her post was about re-wearing a worship outfit to work.  And my outfit may not be office appropriate everywhere. But it worked for my busy morning schedule and a business casual office.

Note - I did NOT wear the hat to work.  The hat was an addition for the photos. I stopped at Two of Hearts on the way home, and had to pick up this cute hand knit mustard hat from Bikay.

And clearly I am unimpressed with having to take photos in my hallway.  It will be spring soon right?!  Or some magic fairies will come clean up my living room?!