I recently received an award from the Women in Leadership Foundation for my volunteer work with them from 2009-2012 in a Director of Communications capacity and on their advisory board. I was honored to be the inaugural recipient of their new long term volunteer award. Such organizations rely heavily on volunteers for their success and it is nice to see they will be honouring their key volunteers in the years to come.

The award was presented at the Annual BC Women in Business lunch, featuring a range of successful women talking about the best advice they had ever received (including 2 of my favourite ladies - Rita Rogers and Suzanne Siemens). My  presentation and speech was before these fantastic speakers, so I didn't have to be nervous because nobody would remember what I had to say by the end. I might write on another day about the thoughts I shared that day about having choice, respecting choices and organizations that provide positive support for women to grow.

But today I am going to keep it rather superficial and write about what I wore. I decided to keep it modern, but also not too grown up. So I started with my trouser jeans (Ann Taylor) and worked my way up from there.


I picked up this shirt on my last trip to the outlets. I was waiting for my mother-in-law when it started to rain so I popped into Coldwater Creek. I found this very nice sheer black tuxedo shirt. Normally I wear a black tank under the shirt, but this time I decided to add a pop of blue instead (tank from Reitmans).


I topped it off with a blue grey blazer from Jacqueline Conoir (coincidentally Rita Rogers wore the same blazer in a different colour).  My blue grey Campers were the perfect shoes to add height for my long pants.

This last picture is kind of goofy, but it certainly shows off my grey as it grows in. I get it trimmed again in a few weeks and think I am ALMOST rid of my old colour.


I am participating in Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, because I had to stand on a stage in front of several hundred women in this outfit. Can't get much more visible than that.

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