I love getting my hair cut (in this case a trim). I always feel like a million dollars with a freshly massaged scalp, a little less weight on my head and a nicely blow dryed coif.


I made a bit of a tactical error with my hair over the past few years. First I decided to grow it out.  And after a year of dealing with funny little dutch wings near my ears it was a lovely bob hovering between my ears and chin (depending on how long it had been since I had had a hair cut).  THEN I decided to grow out my grey.  Why I did not do the two things at the same time I do NOT know.  And while I am loving my new grey streak, it will be another two hair cuts before it is fully grown in.

I had conveniently scheduled a date night on the same day as my haircut (movies - The Hobbit). So I dressed up my jeans with a leopard print shrug and some wedge boots.  I felt the leopard shrug was a pretty big statement so I skipped other accessories.

  • Jeans - Levi's Straight Leg jeans
  • Top - Black tank from Kiyonna (style no longer available)
  • Shrug - Kiyonna (style no longer available)
  • Boots - Camper Wedges (years and years old)

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Update: Just realized I didn't include the name of my lovely hairdress Crista at Xtopher's.  She has been taking good care of my hair and my hair colour since 1999.