The drive through Colorado and Utah on the way to Las Vegas was fantastic. We took all sorts of pictures as we drove. It was like driving through a series of movie backdrops, from something from a train through mountain tunnels, to a red alien planet, to a cowboy movie, to Thelma and Louise. But this post is not about the details of our trip, but about "what I wore on my summer vacation".  Or more aptly dressing for a long road trip.


Below we stopped at this look out over a canyon, whose name I forget. But I remember the tourist information sign that called it "Outlaw Country" and how Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used to ride through this area to hide in the canyons from the law. As I looked down I could imagine that (even if it was my own Robert Redford and Paul Newman version).


Did I mention it was hot!!!  Not sure why I attempted the action shot below, but it somehow felt right. Even if I practically ran back to the air conditioned car afterwards.

Also, you might ask why I would layer 2 t-shirts on such a hot day?  Well this slouchy shirt is very comfortable for driving, but it needs something underneath it, cause well it is... uh slouchy. In fact I bought this shirt just before my last epic road trip to BlogHer 2011 in San Diego. So it is a seasoned road trip companion. Plus the air conditioning in the car could get a bit cool. So the layered shirts worked, as long as I didn't spend too much time jumping up in the air for photos.


My road trip outfit: Old Navy shorts, Yellow Tank and blue shirt from Plum.

I will admit to having no decent photos from our 2 night stop in Vegas. We took our small camera out with us, but didn't take many pictures. For the day I wore my diagonally striped maxi dress. For night I put on my grey Nicole Bridger cowl neck dress.

My flip flops died in Vegas (not the ones seen above), but my cute to wear with a dress ones. So I followed the one in, one out rule and replaced them with these from the Bettie Paige store. Not really an exact trade. But darn they are cute.


Did I say it was hot on our drive to Vegas? It was even hotter in Vegas. And on the road to Anaheim. I had planned a stop at the Calico Ghost Town along the old Route 66. My son was thrilled with the old town, the great little shops, the cowboy era atmosphere and the mine tour.


I loved the mine tour because it got us out of the heat. I became a Wizard of Oz broken record with how many times I said "I'm melting" that day. Here is a lovely selfie showing proof of my state of melting.


What did I wear that day? My Old Navy shorts, a slouchy tank from Smoking Lily, sun glasses and my pink hat. And a lot of sweat. Frankly I might have been willing to go naked I was so hot.

The last stop on our trip was Anahem. That post will be up soon.