This summer I went on a big family road trip for my summer vacation. We drove to Colorado, then over to Las Vegas and then finally Anaheim for some Disneyland fun. Because we were driving I had space to pack more than a trip by air, but I still found I wore a lot of repeats... anyways here is what I wore on my vacation - part 1.

The trip started with a family reunion with the outlaws in Colorado. So a week of hanging out at the condo we all rented on the ski hill in Brekenridge, chasing after the kids and trying to catch my breath in the high altitude.

Here I am with my lovely sister-in-law Carmyn checking out the oxygen bar. You will see a few stripes of my maxi dress in the picture. The only picture of I have of my maxi dress from my entire trip. The problem with being the person taking photos is you rarely gets photos of yourself.


Our week in Colorado was filled with lots of hanging out time with family, some trips on gondolas, a visit to Vail, finding playgrounds for the kids, trivia games, singing, eating, drinking, eating, drinking and more eating. I will admit the family did miss a planned itinerary to Colorado Springs because of one too many late nights and not wanting to face an early morning. In short it was a blast.


So my casual attire for the week almost always included a hat. I added a bit of attitude to my regular straw hat with this skull scarf which I picked up a at a swap a few years ago.


We hosted a fun Canada Day event for our American relatives - including Canadian themed "The Eh Team" t-shirts.


On July 4th we hit the local small town parade (complete with tons of  candy thrown out for the kids). I left the red, white and blue attire to the Americans. But found I got a little extra blue colouring from my beads mixing with my sunscreen on my neck. The black and white striped t-shirt was a spring purchase from Winners.  This shot is taken when we picked up our crew after they had spent the morning on rented ATVs. As they were dirty and dusty I am alone in my picture.

The morning after July 4th might easily be mistaken for a repeat of the night before. And yes, I got a lot of wear out of my Addition Elle floral pants on this trip. The pink shirt is an oldie but goodie from my closet, which I wore a lot during the trip on both cool Colorado afternoons and on hot sunny California days. Under it all is a yellow tank from Plum.  Behind me you can see a bit of the Brekenridge ski hill - we could see the gondola station (the top of it) just beyond those trees. I am itching to come back and ski here some day.

After Colorado we headed on a fantastic drive through Colorado and Utah on route to Las Vegas. But I will leave that for next time.