This is the last of my what I wore on vacation posts...

The final stop on our vacation was Anaheim for a few days at Disney Land with my 5 year old son. I would say this was the kid focused part of the trip, but I would be lying. I was excited to see Disneyland again from 40 years. And we did all have a blast. My favourite ride had to be Indiana Jones, which the little guy was too little to ride. His favourite ride was Star Tours, which we rode about 7 times. And he is very proud to tell everyone he knows that he was big and brave enough to ride Space Mountain.

We had picked up my Mom in Vegas - hat sounds kind of wrong doesn't it...:) So the four of us enjoyed time hanging with Mickey and his buds.

I was apparently in the pink in Disney. Here hanging with my pal Mater.


And enjoying a break in front of a pylon at the cone motel in Radiator Springs. You could even buy your drink in a big pylon style cup.


On our first day at Disney I wore a skirt. Not the smartest idea in hot California weather. So the next few days I opted for shorts. On our last day we decided to join the masses of other families and took advantage of our matching Canada Day "Eh Team" t-shirts.

After 3 days at the happiest place on earth we took a side trip to visit some friends in Santa Monica. We had a lovely lunch and then wandered down to the beach.

Several times during the trip I wore my UV protective hoodie, care of UV Couture , to help protect my skin from the sun. It was a convenient hot pink, so it matched my sun hat and other vacation wardrobe items. But I didn't get any decent photos of it until we hit Santa Monica.



I love the beach here where the view is Palm Trees one way and all ocean on the other.


The UV Couture shirt was very comfortable, and I loved how the sleeves get a bit wider near your hands. It also had a very useful little pocket in the side seam that could fit a credit card of a bit of money. That will be very convenient when spending a day at the beach and wearing the shirt over a bathing suit.

I also made a stop at the Kiyonna Showroom in Anaheim. I picked up a great asymmetrical black skirt, a teal lace pencil skirt and a navy blue dress. Pictures of my purchases from there will run soon.

You can see the pictures from the other stops on our vacation: Colorado and Las Vegas.

I am also sharing my fun sun protected self with Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style