I haven't done an Eco-Wednesday post in a while. So I thought I might do an update on quest to find an eco-friendly, aka non toxic, deodorant that works.

Last May I reported that I had finally found success in the form of Rocky Mountain Botanicals All-Natural Deodorant. But that deodorant had not been through a summer yet. So this summer I put it through the ultimate deodorant test = Las Vegas and California in July.


Me melting in the heat of Calico, California.

In Las Vegas we would go from air conditioning, to stinking sweaty heat, to the pool, to air conditioning... and repeat. I forgot to carry my deodorant around with me for an after pool application. So the deodorant I put on the morning had to last me the day. After Las Vegas we did some day tripping in the California desert en route to Disney Land. I melted in the heat. These conditions would be tough for any deodorant to hold up under.

And while my feet were dog tired on that trip, my deodorant held up. I did NOT smell.

You can read my original review here.  At that time I had just ordered 3 new jars of the product, at $12 a jar. I am now just finishing that last jar. So each jar lasted me about 5 weeks. Certainly more expensive than regular deodorants. But so00 much less toxic.

So I will be putting in another order online for 3 more jars of Rocky Mountain Botanicals All-Natural Deodorant.

Disclosure: I paid 100% of the cost to order and trial this deodorant. I received no compensation from Rocky Mountain Botanicals and no links in this post will benefit me  in anyway. All opinions, as usual, are 100% my own.