So it is official, I have moved into a new demographic survey category. I can no longer kid myself that I am still a young whipper snapper in the 35-44 demographic. I have moved to the 45-54 box. Which, I suspect when I turn 55 will feel like another young whipper snapper box.  What does this mean? To me not, much. I feel the same. But my grey hair stands bolder. For those people who work in advertising and marketing, who pay attention to such demographic survey boxes, it means I am now firmly in middle age.  They will judge me and my consumer behavior with a different lens.... I am no longer part of a sexy, fun to market to demographic. I am now in a practical and aging demographic.  What does this mean to me? Not much. But after spending a large part of my adult life in advertising it is hard to forget these things.

Anyways, this post is called The Birthday Haul. So I must have gotten some stuff.  It is convenient having a birthday in early spring, as I can get a good start on my spring/summer wardrobe without spending my own money.  As you will see it was a practical birthday this year. Almost everything was a practical addition to my closet.

  • For myself, I purchased a new pair of black lined work pants from Banana Republic - Martin Fit, lightweight wool trousers, 30% off.  These were a well needed replacement in my closet and had been on my list for several months.
  • I also bought myself a lovely aubergine leather belt at Nifty for Fifty by Bronsino, well worth the $50.
  • These McKenna Bogs should keep my feet dry in those rainy Vancouver winters, and warmish on our few snowy days. These were also a well needed replacement for my current winter boots which at 7 years old had really seen better days.
  • I also received a cute purple light spring/summer jacket from Lululemon - picture to come. Not on the list. But will be useful for spring and cool Vancouver summer nights.
  • My mother helped my son pick a cute yellow infinity scarf for me from Winners, but it was the wrong yellow for me. So I had to return it. I came home with a great black and white striped t-shirt. Because I really did NEED another striped t-shirt. And my son seems to love his replacement gift more than the scarf.
  • The fun gift item was this great new polka dot multi-colour scarf from Winners featured below. And I still have a gift card to Winner/Marshalls that just arrived from family for me to spend. Guess this is my excuse to check out the new Marshalls.


I also received a lovely clean, even behind the microwave, kitchen care of my husband. And the opportunity to sleep in two days in a row. THAT was the winning present. Cause really the best things in life are free.