We had a glorious Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. I got to spend some quality time with my two favourite guys, enjoy some yummy food and spend a few hours outside enjoying the beautiful country in which I live.

I also got to get reacquainted with some old friends... my Blundstones. I bought these back in late 1997, along with a fab pair of green suede ones. Unfortunately the green suede ones shed their soles last year and are no longer in rotation. But these Chisel Toe boots don't look a day over 5, let alone Sweet 16.

While I LOVE these boots. My big toe has always rubbed just a bit too close to the end. I have been avoiding trying to wear them since my feet grew a 1/2 a size after I had my little guy. So I took the insoles out and decided to give them a try for a family hike. I am so glad that I did. They fit perfectly. A full afternoon out exploring nature, climbing on big rocks, skipping little rocks, climbing stairs, side stepping tree roots, traversing suspension bridges, etc. And my toes were ready for more!!

Blundstones at Rest

I decided to leave the rock climbing exploration to my son and let the boot enjoy a little rest on a big rock instead (above).  And later they helped me make my way to the top of a hill (below). For those keen eyed readers.. yes I am indeed wearing a Mickey Mouse backpack! And no it is not my sons.

hikingWe finished the day with some lovely hot chocolate fresh from our thermos. And a small laugh. It never fails, on easy hikes like this one, that we see at least one lady in heels. This time they were sling back wedges - at least 3 inches high.  I might love my fashion, but I also understand time and place! For these types of activities I find my Blundstones never let me down.

I really love taking nature photos (maybe because they don't move while I get just the right shot). Here are some of my other shots from the day.

Now that I have re-discovered some old friends in my closet, you can expect to see more of them in this space.