While writing my Spring Trends series I did a lot of thinking about what is on my spring shopping list. Originally, due to current budget situations, I had no list. Well I had a list of one - Motorcycle Jacket. Which I have been scanning thrift and vintage shops for since late last year. But I have realized I do have a few things on my list.  Things I Need to Replace and Things I Want. Note there is not a shoe nor a cardigan among them. :)

Things I Need to Replace

  • Black dress pants - wide leg long enough for heels. As shown last week on the blog I need a new pair (for those who read my Birthday Haul post from a few days ago I have already bought a new pair from Banana Republic - I just need to drop them at the tailor to have them shortened).
  • White t-shirts - one long sleeve and one short sleeve. Both scoop neck. I wear these a lot in the summer. My current ones are no longer very white or stretched out. New ones are required.
  • Sunglasses - I keep breaking them. And the ones I got at BlogHer in 2011 are slowly dying. And being hot pink they are not appropriate for all occasions.

Things I Want... aka The Dream List

  • The above mentioned leather motorcycle jacket.
  • Teal skinny jeans - maybe in the skimmer length. But will have to see how they fit. I love mixing teal with red, orange or purple. So this seems like a good fun colour to pick. Since it doesn't get that hot in Vancouver, these jeans will get a lot of wear this summer. I particularly like the version above right from Plum.
  • This Pleased Dress by Nicole Bridger - above  in Jasper. I have a t-shirt with this neckline, which looks fantastic on me. The a-line skirt will make this an easy dress to wear for business and weekend.
  • A convertible skirt/dress - perfect for packing light for summer vacations. I like this one from Kiyonna, which lets you wear it as a strapless dress, midi skirt or knee length skirt. I am loving the teal. They also have it in a maxi skirt version... the  twilight grey is very tempting.
  • And if we are really dreaming perhaps these denim cork wedge Toms - but I said there wouldn't be any shoes on the list. Guess I lied.

What is on your spring wardrobe wish list?