The budget has been tight but I have been able to do a bit of spring/summer shopping.  A quick update on what I have purchased and what still remains.

Things I Need to Replace

I had already purchased black dress pants from Banana Rebublic when I published the initial list. And I found a pair of Jill Sander sunglasses at Marshalls (used my birthday giftcard). I am still on the hot pursuit for good quality, thick white t-shirts. I would appreciate any recommendations.

The Dream List


No luck on the motorcycle jacket yet, but I have found a couple of other cute items:

  • teal skinny jeans - I couldn't find a pair of teal (or other coloured) jeans that fit me really well. So I got  these cute black floral pants from Addition Elle instead. I am not normally a floral girl, but I am having a lot of fun with them. I had a gift card c/o Addition Elle so cost to me was $0.
  • A convertible skirt/dress - I tried on several of these convertible skirt/dresses. In the end I decided I was rarely going to wear it as a strapless version, so the convertible aspect became less important. And in the hot summer, any extra fabric at the waist creates more heat. So I picked up  a Calvin Klein striped maxi dress at Winners.  It is a tank top style, so I can easily layer under or over if required. I still had some money left on my Winners gift card, so the dress ended up costing me $35.
  • Shoes - I stopped dreaming of wedges - okay I never actually stop dreaming of wedges. But I decided to look at new flats instead. I love my black sparkly Toms, so I was looking for a new pair for summer. Then I walked into Coach and found these cute flats on sale. $79 + tax.

What is left on my list - besides that Motorcycle jacket... This Pleased Dress by Nicole Bridger.