I sometimes find that, no matter how good my  intentions are, I lack the discipline to stay committed to my ideals.  Sale shopping is one of those times.  But changing life long habits is not always a direct road, so I am happy enough with my progress if I take at least one step forward, along with a step back/sideway-ish.

I made two purchases at post-Christmas sales. It is a tale of two very different purchase decisions.  Lets compare versus my Sale Shopping Tips posted just a few short weeks ago.

The Fluevogs - Dumonts


These Dumonts by Fluevog knocked the sale tip list right out of the ball park.  Five out of Five.

1 - Were they on my shopping list?

  • YES.   My wedge suede penny loafers which I wear with slacks are dying a very slow death.  They need to be replaced. I have been looking for a replacement pair of wedges for a year - ones that I can wear peaked my interest.  Enter this Fluevog.  I decided its mid heel height would work just as well as a wedge. I have several other Fluevogs with this heel, and I have danced for hours in them.

2 - Does it fit?

  • YES.  They are similar to another pair of Fluevogs that I already own, so I ordered the same size.  I actually ordered these ones online (I was away skiing when the sale started, so I had to take a chance and order them on my tablet).  The website indicated the heel fits a bit large (and I have a small heel), but they fit just fine.

3 - Would I want them if they were full price?

  • YES.  Could I afford them at full price?  No. Which is why I waited until they went on sale.  They were $199, regular $279.

4 - Are they an investment?

  • YES.  I expect to wear these shoes 2-3 times a week for the next 6 years.  Fluevogs are always a very stylish investment piece.

5 - Did I love them?

  • YES. YES. YES.

The Dress - Sugar Lips


I was feeling very smug with myself, for avoiding all the Boxing Week frenzy (by buying online), and by spending all my money on one investment item.  And then...

...during my son's singing class I took a short trip over to Main Street and stuck my head into The Lip Lounge. They had a 20-70% off sale.   I love the owner at this store. She is always cheerful and helpful.  You can tell she loves her store and her stock.  And while the stock is often youthful, pretty little dresses, I am always surprised how many fit my 14-16 sized frame.

I guess it will take time to decide if this was a sale mistake or a fun impromptu buy.

1 - Was it on my shopping list?

  • No.  I have a very short list right now (new winter boots,  a polka dot blouse, classic white shirt and tall black dress boots - if I can ever find a pair ).  Another cute dress was NOT on the list.

2 - Does it fit?

  • YES.  It is a bit shorter than I would normally wear.  I had fun teal tights on when I was shopping, and this somehow empowered me to think I could wear a dress this short with tights.  Added bonus is that no spanx are required.  And the tie at the waist brings attention to my smallest part.

3 - Would I want it if it was full price?

  • Probably not. It wasn't an expensive dress to start with.  So it is hard to say.  But as it came down between this and another dress, this one won because it was less expensive. The dress was $69, regular $89.

4 - Is it an investment?

  • 50/50.  It is not an overly trendy piece.  So it could last in my closet for a few years. But it is also a vibrant pattern so I am not likely going to wear it very often.  The plus is that I can style is easily a few different ways.  It can work on its own, or over skinny jeans/leggings as a tunic.

5 - Did I love them?

  • Yes.  Well I certainly liked it a lot.

How about your post Holiday sale shopping?  Did you buy a few investment pieces on sale?  Or indulge in a little bit of impromptu sale purchases? Or did you have an all-out sale frenzy?