Taking a look back at 2013 I am surprised by my most popular posts of the year. Honestly what was surprising was that many of my top posts were from past years - not 2013. But since I am just looking back at 2013, I will list only the top 10 popular posts written and posted in 2013.

1. Real Life Women: Nicole Oliver

Photo by Pink Monkey

Photo by Pink Monkey


2. What I Wore - New Haircutff40-hair-cut-5253. The Luxury of Lingerie

Empreinte Lingerie

4. What I Wore - Leggings as an Accessory

5. What I Wore - New Silk


6. Chic Casual Friday - Pattern Mixing 

Chic Casual Friday

7. What I Wore - 90th Birthday Party

What I wore Opa's party

8. What I Wore - Mixing it Up

9. The Vacation Photos - Anaheim


10.Spring Trends - Black and White

My Favourites

A few of my favourite outfits did not make the top 10 most popular posts.  Here are three of my missing favourites.

From left to right:

And clearly the most popular item in my closet is my animal print cardigan. Did you have a clearly favourite piece in your closet in 2013?