I guess it isn't too hard to figure out that I recently on vacation. I had not intended to go on vacation from the blog, I even started some draft posts that I could figure on the go (literally as we went on an epic road trip to Colorado, Vegas and Disneyland). And well... I went on a complete vacation. Sometimes you just need a break.

Now I am back I will be playing a bit of catch up on my posts.... so we begin back n June.

Before I left I had the pleasure of attending two fantastic events on the same day. The first the spring London Drugs Beauty event. The second was a more Glam event, conveniently called Glam held by Vancouver Mom to celebrate the Top 30 Mom Bloggers in Vancouver for 2013 (I was a Top 30 blogger in 2010).  It was also a work day. So I planned an outfit around my dark purple Jacqueline Conoir dress that could be easily switched up a bit after the London Drugs event.

It was my first time attending the Annual London Drugs Beauty event. But I like that London Drugs has some local and eco brands on their shelves along with major brands. And I was interested to discover what they would be featuring.

I was a bit nervous entering the massive Airplane hanger. But I was immediately comfortable when I saw the folks from John Frieda. I interviewed Alain Larivée, John Frieda Canadian Creative Consultant, last year regarding John Frieda's new Precision Foam Colour. And while I have gone au naturel with my hair, I was still excited to have the opportunity to meet Alain (and hear that lovely French accent) in person. Alain demonstrated their new Salon Shape Hot Air Brush for me.



I don't blow dry my hair very often. But when I do I have challenges managing my brush and the blow dryer to get the smooth look - and still have volume. So I would end up also using a straightener on my hair.  I have been looking at hot air brushes, but I had not yet taken the plunge.  Alain gave me some great tips on using the tool. It is best used on "humid hair" (which said to me I could let it dry a bit while I run around in the morning and finish it off with the hot air brush). He reminded me to pull the brush out from my head and to use two hands.


I tried the hot air brush this morning, as it was a Sunday and I had more time to play with my hair. It worked great. I didn't find that it got too hot so I could use both hands, with the 2nd either at the end of barrel (as recommended) or on my hair. Except once after my hair got dryer then I found my hair was a bit too hot to touch. The air brush was always a comfortable temperature. And while my hair didn't look as great as above, I was very happy with the results. And it didn't take two tools to do it.

And now I know what I will be getting my mother for Christmas, who was very jealous when I told her about it.

The Outfit

For the office and the London Drugs event I dressed down my tulip skirt (with major slit) Jacqueline Conoir purple dress with leggings, a jean jacket, black and white scarf, Fluevog ankle boots and a Pomomama cuff. Love the helicopter backdrop!!



Then I did a quick change in the parking lot outside the hangar before heading downtown to the Vancouver Mom Glam event.  I took off the scarf, jean jacket, leggings and replaced the boots with my brown animal print pointy toed heels, a vintage purple butterfly pin on my waist, string of white pearls from Fine Finds and that Pomomama cuff.

And like a good fashion blogger I made sure to get a great shot of my outfit - WRONG! I was too busy catching up with my girlfriends to do it. So this is the best shot I have with my lovely friends Alexis (left) and Rebecca (centre). You will just to imagine how great my legs and shoes looked!


I will have more about the London Drugs Beauty event in future posts, as I am experimenting with some of the product that I brought home.

Disclosure: I was given the Salon Shape Hot Air Brush from John Frieda as an attendee of the London Drugs Beauty event. The opinions above are 100% mine.