I did a fair amount of shopping this fall, most of it at late summer sales. But my closet feels like it might be overflowing just a bit - you can see why by the list of new items below. I have decided I don't really need anything (well almost anything) new for my wardrobe. So I am committing to not buying any new clothing or accessories for myself in November - and I might extend through December too. I have termed it Nothing New November.

Why Nothing New November?

  1. As noted above, and as you will see from my recent shopping list, I really don't need anything.
  2. It will be fun to shop my closet, rediscover some items and experiment with new combinations.
  3. The average person puts 68 lbs of garments in the landfill each year. Shopping used, consignment or vintage helps reduce the amount of perfectly good clothes becoming garbage. Value Village sponsors a show each season at Eco Fashion Week. See what Evan Ducharme was able to create with 68 lbs of clothes from Value Village.
  4. I have had a lot of fun recently upcycling garments. See this vintage dress which I restyled into a peplum top and wore to Eco Fashion Week  (jacket by Jacqueline Conoir, Levis, Fluevog heels and vintage Paul Frank purse).

What are the rules?

For the month of November I am free to purchase used, vintage, consignment or swap clothes/accessories/shoes  for myself. But I cannot purchase anything new. With 2 exceptions:

  • Underwear - I need some new underwear and if I find the right ones on sale in November I am going to buy them.
  • The perfect motorcycle leather jacket. I have been searching for the right one at the right price - new or used for about 6 months. If I find one on sale I am not going to hold myself back. This is classic wardrobe item that should live at least 10 years in my wardrobe. I don't want to miss that opportunity if it comes up.

Recent Purchases

To illustrate how much I really do NOT need anything new, below is the list of items I have purchased in the past 3 months.  It is clear I really do NOT need anything new in my wardrobe.  Some of the items below were replacement pieces, and other great summer sale opportunities. I didn't think I had bought that much, until I started this list:

  • Bra. I picked up a new Empreinte black bra at Diane's Lingerie to replace a well loved, for too long, bra.
  • Black cardigan. My black cardigans have all seen better days. They are either stretched out or are just plain worn out. I found a great new one at the Nicole Bridger warehouse sale.
  • Summer shoes. I walked into Lord's on Granville Street a few weeks ago and discovered 2 lovely spring/summer Fly London shoes on sale. A turquoise sandal and metalic grey peep toe - both wedges and both expected to be summer faves for years to come.
  • Fun graphic t-shirt. An Anthropology t-shirt with a cute typewriter image on it. Another summer sale item.
  • Dresses: I picked up 4 fantastic dresses this fall. All of them are in a grey or black palette.
    • 1 lace dress from Jacqueline Conoir - I actually featured this dress in a Spring 2013 post.
    • 3 dresses were from the Nicole Bridger warehouse sale. A long sleeve black dress, short sleeve grey Divine Dress (with that great hemline that Nicole is famous for) and a sleeveless black silk Goddess dress. I clearly have all the LBDs I need for a while.
  • Skirts:
    • a fantastic fuschia skirt from Jacqueline Conoir at the end of summer sale.
    • one last item from Nicole Bridger warehouse sale. The cute grey Friendship skirt with pockets.
  • Coat: I picked up a the fantastic coat I wore to Eco Fashion Week at Jacqueline Conoir's end of summer sale. Thanks to Alexis and her husband who coached me in making this purchase decision. Even though there was some indecision. I am SOOO glad I bought it.

So I will be hanging out at Value Village and Main Street vintage stores during any shopping time I might have this month. This could prove more difficult when my Mother comes to visit over US Thanksgiving as she loves checking out Winners or Marshalls when she is in town. But you are all here to keep me honest!

And if it goes well, then I will extend through December - although I may need to leave myself the option to buy new Fluevogs at their Boxing Day sale.