I have a new style secret. A secret that has been hiding in my lingerie drawer for years. A secret that I always thought was from my Mother's generation. A secret that until recently still had its tags on. A secret that doesn't rub my tights the wrong way. A secret that keeps some of your secrets under an unlined jersey/knit dress. A secret that is far more comfortable than spanx.

That secret is a slip.


You know slips, those things our mothers and grandmothers wore so that they were "decent".  The one of the many layers of under garments worn back before women starting burning their bras. Those things that ensured you couldn't see the shape of our legs if the sun shone from behind.

I was coming of age when the recently engaged, soon to be married, Princess Diana was captured on film without a slip. It was a scandal that you could see the outline of the legs of the "future wife of Prince Charles". I thought that was soooo old fashioned. Who still wore a slip anymore?

Fast forward 30 years and the answer is me. And not as outerwear... It all started when I had to get a full slip to wear under a semi-sheer vintage dress. So I dug into my lingerie drawer as I was sure I had a couple of slips in there somewhere from back in the day. And indeed I did - two half slips black and nude - that my mother had gifted me with the tags still on them. And another full nude slip that was also a gift. But none of them worked. So I ended up purchasing a wonderful full navy blue slip at a vintage store - perfect for the dress. When I wore it I realized that while it didn't squeeze me in like my spanx, it hid many sins. And did I mention how much more comfortable a slip is than spanx?

It got me thinking. So I wore a slip under a jersey type dress on another day. You know that lovely fabric jersey, that one that shows all your bumps, lumps and lunch? It didn't hide my lunch, but the dress fell much nicer and dare I say smoother.  I was converted!

And slips don't have to be boring, or the risque kind you keep for that special date night. Vintage stores have all sorts of lovely full slips with just the right amount of lace.

Do you have any old fashioned style secrets?