I was lucky to capture this great shot with one of my favourite local designers, Wendy Van Risen, from Dahlia Drive at Eco Fashion Week. I did a profile on Dahlia Drive a couple of years back and was thrilled to see she was showing again at Eco Fashion Week. Unfortunately I didn't get to see her show, but I happen to work near Robson Square and was able to snag this great pick with Wendy.

I will also admit to being in LOVE with Wendy's skeleton tunic top.

Dahlia Drive

I haven't featured my great Dahlia Drive Kimono top in a while on the blog. It is a pretty bold piece (made from old saris, scarves and curtains). In the past I have made it the statement piece by pairing it with something a bit more neutral.

This time I decided to mix things up a bit and add some teal and lace into the mix.

Dahlia Drive

  • Kimono Top: Dahlia Drive
  • Teal T-shirt: Eddie Bauer
  • Teal Skirt: Kiyona
  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Amber Necklace: Gift from Soviet Union back in 1991

Another of Wendy's bold upcycled kimono tops from her runway show. For more of Dahlia Drive check out the runway show album on Eco Fashion Week's Facebook Page.

Dahlia Drive

Image by Peter Jensen care of Fashion Capsule.

On a side note I am kind of missing my pixie hair cut... hmmm.