I LOVE polka dots. Not sure if it is because I love vintage 1930s/40s polka dots, or because they were all the rage in the 80s.  No matter why, I love that they are on trend this year and so easy to find in-stores.

When we were at Old Navy checking out their Family Day festivities,  they had the lovely Sarah Bancroft of VitaminDaily.com talking about what was going to be big for spring.  But all I could do was look at this black and cream polka dot sheer tunic hanging there.  I am sure she talked about the corals, florals and colour blocking style for this spring. But I was all about the polka dot.  Technically it is a dress - HAH!  I tried it on.  It fit.  It was on sale.  Done!

Now the problem is that it is still February, and while the snow buds may be blooming, it is still winter.  So I layered the tunic with my new Jacqueline Conoir blazer (from their big blow out sale in January), skinny trousers (Banana Republic) and some leopard print shoes (thrifted).  Not sure I love this exact mixture of items.  So I will have to experiment a bit on layering it until we get to spring.

And yes, I would certainly get a stern lecture from American's Next Top Model Tyra for my poses in this post.  The broken wrist and the ballet feet.... ah the freedom that comes from not being a real model.