I am currently prepping for two weeks of Spring Break with my young son. Watching the seemingly continuous rain. Contemplating how I will replace my Google Reader before July. And thinking about introducing you to 3 more style blogs that I love.

This month all my links seem to have a vintage/thrifted feel to them. Because of three of these ladies have their own unique style that appears to be mostly thrifted or vintage. That seems like a good theme for spring.

Bag and a Beret

Lets be honest Melanie, at Bag and a Beret, is just a little bit wacky. She is an artist in her profession but also in her style. She doesn't take herself or fashion seriously. She has a LOT of fun with her fashion. I was amazed that she is also from Vancouver, because frankly I thought our Vancouver style blog scene was just a bit safe - not boring. But certainly not as adventurous as Melanie! One day I hope to meet her and beg her to take me vintage shopping with her.

  • I was a big fan of Charlie's Angels growing up. So I really appreciated this post called If it's Monday it must be 1978 featuring a fantastic vintage yellow suit.
  • I love these mustard yellow tights, paired with leopard print shoes, a black and white jacket, pink scarf and signature beret. A rather tame colour/pattern mix for Melanie.

The Good Will Hunting Paralegal - @ExpertParalegal

As the title suggests Lynne is a paralegal, loves pre-loved clothes and has a healthy self of humour. While this blog has links to some paralegal resources, its focus is on budget career dressing.  The posts below I think are a good example of the type of outfit posts and personal honesty she brings to her blog.

Walking Colours

Joni is a Seattle, over 40, style blogger who pledges to shop second hand first.  She has no tag line for her blog, but has a great quote under her header.

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents... the creativity you bring to your life and also to the lives of all the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age." –Sophia Loren

Jonie is a lover of hats, DYI and layers like a pro. A couple of my favourite posts:

Think I am missing a FANTASTIC style blog in my links, let me know.