For the past few weeks I have been testing out a few products from local company Whistler Naturals. Whistler Naturals is a non-traditional, eco and vegan friendly skin care line.  The company sent me samples of their Naked Apricot Body Butter, Vanilla Silk Sugar Scrub and Rose Geranium Hand & Body Lotion to test drive at home. I used all three products and also used the body butter and body lotion on my son - so we have some of his 5 year old opinions here too.

When trying new skincare products I notice what is in it, how it smells, how easy it is to use, how it makes my skin feel and the cost/where can I buy them?

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What is in it?

The line is 100% natural, made in British Columbia, unisex and free from  harsh preservatives, parabens, synthetic colours, laurel or laureth sulphates, propelyn glycol, animal products, phthalates, gmo's or what they term as other "yucky stuff".  A number of products also appear to be nut free, which can be critically important to those with allergies. They provided me with a list of key ingredients, all of which I could likely pronounce, and a few I might actually want to eat. For a full list of ingredients follow the links above to the individual product pages.

How do the products smell?

I will be honest, I prefer products that have no fragrance. I know that smell is an often overlooked sense, and the right product can bring some relaxing and positive memories to mind (I will admit the vanilla silk Sugar Scrub has a lovely smell that made me just a bit hungry for cookies). But I never know what floral scents might spark my allergies. So I usually prefer to buy unscented. The scents on all these products were subtle and dissipated pretty quickly. None bothered my nose.

The 5 year old's thoughts. The Naked Apricot Body Butter smelled yummy. But he wasn't in love with the Rose Geranium one when it was on his skin.

How Easy Were They to use?

My experience with sugar scrubs in the past has not always been a good one. They can separate leaving the dry parts on the top and forcing you to dig for some of the oily bits on the bottom of the jar.  And they can leave my shower floor a dangerous slippery zone afterwards. I had neither problem with the Vanilla Silk Sugar Scrub. Even though I was trying the product in a test envelope, the ingredients didn't seem to separate and were easy to squeeze out. And I didn't need to leave a "slippery when wet" warning sign for the next person.

Both the Body Butter and the Hand & Body Lotion were easy to spread while still having a nice thickness to them - especially appreciated in the winter.

The 5 year old's thoughts. It is easier to spread a thinner product on a squirming kid. But my little guy liked the extra massage he got when I put on these thicker products. 

How They Made My Skin Feel?

All of the products made my winter dry feet, elbows, hands and knees feel great.  None of the products bothered my sensitive (and aging) skin or caused any rashes. And while the hand and body lotion was thick going on, it didn't feel greasy on my hands after. The various touch screens on my electronics also appreciated this aspect.

The 5 year old's thoughts. He has suffered a lot this winter from dry, itchy and rashing skin. He particularly loved how the Body Butter felt on his skin - it might have helped that he also liked the smell.

The Cost / Where Can I Buy Them?

The products are available online at Whistler Naturals.  All three of these products are each priced just under $18 on the Whistler Naturals website. They are also available at a variety of stores such as Save-On-Foods and Nesters (in Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver).  There is a full list of retailers on their website.

The 5 year old's thoughts. He had no thoughts on this aspect. Except that he loves the mini shopping carts for kids at Nesters. 

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed all of the Whistler Naturals products that were sent to me. I like that they are local and that they are mindful of their ingredients. Because of this experience I will be looking at some of their other skin care products when I need to re-stock.  The Buttercream Icing Body Butter sounds particularly yummy.


Disclosure - Whistler Naturals provided me with trial sized products for me to trial and review. The opinions in the review above are 100% my own. And I received no other compensation.