Last summer I shared my goal to go more eco-friendly with my day-to-day beauty products.  While I continue to enjoy the DIY shampoo/conditioner which I wrote about, I have struggled with the deodorant. Until now.

I tried deodorant crystals (and spray versions of the same). I tried a long lasting 7 day deodorant that my Mom swears by and buys at Whole Foods. And neither worked for me. They all start to work, and then a week or two in my body seems to adapt to them. So the crystal would wear off mid day. And the "long" lasting 7 day one would be done after a day or two. Which seemed a waste considering its cost.

I want to use a deodorant that does not contain chemicals (like PEGS, parfum, parabens, propylene glycol, aluminum, etc) AND that allows me to confidently leave the house for the DAY and not worry about smelling.

Then I tried Rocky Mountain Botanicals All-Natural Deodorant. And success!

How Did it Work? 

I am very happy to report that after testing daily for more than a month it is still working. I use it each morning and still pass the smell test at the end of the day. I will admit to having had 1 or 2 misfire days. One because I forgot to put it on - DUH!  And the other because I pulled a blouse out of the closet for an evening party, which I had previously worn with my crystal deodorant, without doing the smell test. Thankfully my friends were very tactful - or perhaps had lost their sense of smell.

And I do realize the biggest test is yet to come - 2 weeks in the Southern US this summer. But I think everyone on our trip might be a bit stale by the end of those days.

Oh and Rocky Mountain Botanicals feels so confident that their products work, they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

What is in it? 

This locally produced product is not listed in the EWG's Skin Deep data base, but I searched the products and everything scored in the low risk green zone.

Ingredients include: Purified water, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), aluminium-free sodium bi-carbonate, organic sunflower oil, therapeutic grade pure essential oils, aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamins A, D & E, OPP (Organic Plant Preservative)

How Easy is it to Use?

This is a product that you need to spread over the entire underarm area. No fancy roll-on or stick. And it is a bit messy. I have found it is a bit easier if your armpit is still a bit wet. But because I spent the first few weeks trying to figure out how much to use, and how not to get so much on the counter, I went through my first container pretty quickly.

How did it smell?

It includes some essential oils so it smells rather nice.

How did it make my skin feel?

It felt as nice as any regular deodorant stick. And my skin had no adverse reactions.

The Cost/ Where Can I Buy it?

So far I have only found the product through Rocky Mountain Botanicals website for $12 . The price is fine, as long as I use less than I was in the first few weeks. But it does mean I also have to pay for shipping ($9). In my initial order I also ordered the Holistic Kids Eczema Creme for my son. He doesn't have eczema, but his sun allergy makes his skin red and itchy. This has been helpful, until his he scratches too much, and then it stings a bit.

For my next order, I will likely order 2-3 containers of the deodorant so that the shipping is not so steep. So I would really be happy to hear that some local retailers are carrying the product.

Disclosure: I paid 100% of the cost to order and trial this deodorant (and the kids creme). I received no compensation from Rocky Mountain Botanicals and no links in this post will benefit me in anyway. All opinions, as usual, are 100% my own.