How do you stay chic on Casual Friday in a Business Casual World?

Casual Friday is a product of a time when professional office dress code was the norm and dressing more "casual" on Fridays was a bit of a novelty. Some called it jeans day. Today many offices are business casual all the days of the week. But there is still this idea that Friday is a more relaxed dress code day. When khakis and jeans are normal on a Monday, what do you wear on "casual" Fridays?

Now I know this isn't the same everywhere. Bankers, lawyers and stock brokers still keep a pretty regimented professional dress code. But I think for the vast majority of people working in an office business casual has become the norm. Does that mean Friday becomes flip flop day? Not in my world.

I like to keep my Friday attire still appropriate for the office. I am a professional. I manage a team of people. I also believe that fashion is fun. So I am looking for inspiration for chic casual Friday attire. I suspect many of you might be looking for the same.

I would love to see more women raise their Friday fashion game - so ditch the leggings (worn as pants), flip flops and tank tops. Get some new ideas for casual chic outfits. Even if you might wear it on a Tuesday.  Please link up and share your Chic Friday outfits. Just be sure to link back to Fashion Forward 40.

chic friday

For my first Chic Friday outfit, I will share an early Fall outfit. I layered a light navy and coral sweater (Old Navy) over a white pin striped shirt (Addition Elle) and a pair of trouser jeans (Ann Taylor). I stayed with favourite summer wedges (Winners) so I didn't feel like it was quite fall yet.

chic friday
Now it is over to you!  Do you have an outfit, shoes, accessory, jeans, bag, etc that you would like to show off to inspire other ladies for a Chic Friday outfit? If yes, then show it off. Link to your blog post below - just remember to link back here too.

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