Last Thursday I had a busy work day with several meetings and then an after work blogger event. The Parent Bloggers Unite event was scheduled at a mall, but was not a fashion related event. So I was a bit nervous that my professional attire might make me overdressed. So I added a jean jacket to try to dress it all down a bit.

The result... the drape on this Nicole Bridger silk dress is not easily dressed down. It is a statement piece. Especially when paired with those zebra print Fluevogs. It is certainly hard to be a wallflower when wearing those boots. Not that I ever pass for wallflower anyways.

  • Dress: Nicole Bridger
  • Cardigan: Nicole Bridger
  • Jean Jacket: BCBG (purchased in '99)
  • Boots: Fluevog
  • Belt: Had it too long to remember
  • Pearls: Had them too long to remember
  • Mother-of-Pearl Bow Brooch: Vintage

I also thought it was appropriate to post a black dress today, Black Friday. To those partaking in sales today I say

be careful out there.

I am still doing well on my Nothing New November pledge, so I will not be partaking.  But for those who like the different Nicole Bridger things I often wear she is holding a 50% Black Friday Sale both in-store and on-line.


And a quick thanks to the lovely ladies who run the Parent Bloggers Unite events (now renamed Digit@lly Yours)  Rebecca Coleman, Kerry Sauriol, Eschelle Westwood and Raj Thandhi. It was an interesting and  lively discussion on PR and bloggers. Here they are, minus the lovely Rebecca  who had to leave before I took this picture.

Parent Bloggers Unite

Interestingly I won a Boot Camp pass at the event. I guess I have my New Year's Resolution!

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