I've written recently about my new full time job and my almost uniformish approach to Casual Friday.  On the elevator last Friday I saw a woman in flip flops, cropped cargo pants (I thought they were sweats at first glance) and a rumpled sleeve plain t-shirt. I was hoping that perhaps she was just going to the Doctors office in my building. But no, she got off with her laptop bag at another office level. It was something I might wear on a hot summer weekend to hang out with my son. Not in an office environment where I want to maintain a certain professional reputation.

Since then I've been watching other woman around me and some are wearing some great Casual yet chic Friday outfits. I started to wonder where other women get their Friday casual inspiration. So I am going to start a Friday link feature called Chic Friday. It will start next Friday, September 20th. And I am hoping you will share your Chic Friday outfits.

On this particular Friday I switched my uniform up a bit and wore a denim skirt.


  • Polka dot tunic/dress: Old Navy
  • Denim Skirt: Reitmans
  • Wedge Sandals: Winners
  • Polka Dot cuff: Vintage market
  • Necklace: Gift
  • Strange hand pose: All mine

Where do you get your Casual Friday inspiration? See you on the 20th with your Chic Friday outfits.