I had an interesting conversation at a marketing lunch yesterday with a couple of women on the definition of a "Senior".  In my mind 65 was always the magic age that somehow made you a senior.   Or people who had started to slow down in preparation of retirement or had retired.  But with people working and living longer the difference between a senior who is 65 vs a senior who is 90 is quite significant.  And I think we will see an even bigger difference as more baby boomers become seniors.  Many in this demographic have not retired.  Many in this demographic remain very active in their day-to-day lives.  I believe they are re-defining what it is to be a "Senior".

This conversation got me thinking about a Senior that I know, whose birthday is today.  She is certainly not a stereotypical senior.  First let me tell you about this "senior" lady who...

  • works full time in a career she really enjoys, that requires a lot of travel and is certainly not 9 to 5
  • teaches skating part-time 3-5 days a week
  • skates on an adult sychronized skating team, where most of the other skaters are in their 20s
  • shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon

She is awesome.  She is my Mom. And today she turns 71.   Happy Birthday Mom!

I couldn't resist showing off our 1980s asymmetrical hair cuts from back in the day.

I couldn't resist showing off our 1980s asymmetrical hair cuts from back in the day.

My point.... Clearly it is NOT a number on your birth certificate that defines you. 

Disclosure: I may have, in part, written this lovely post because as a crappy daughter I forgot to arrange to send flowers, but wanted you to know I love and appreciates the great example you provide everyday.

An aside - Don't you love my bright blue scarf, accented with a vintage pin (which I still own) over a chambray shirt - complete with dolman sleeves.  My style is ready for spring 2013.