Do you have a friend who is so lovely and beautiful, but no matter what you do she just can't see it?  You compliment her and she makes excuses. Or jokes.  Or she says things about how "if only" she lost 10 lbs.   While shopping you suggest she try on an outfit perfect for her shape and style.  She says she could never wear that - she is too old or too fat or too something else.    She looks back at pictures from the past and say things like "I'll never look that beautiful again".   You start a conversation about image and she gives you lots of encouragement, but really doesn't take the same advice herself.   Doesn't it just make you want to shake her until she figures it out.  Or is this person you?

I believe ALL women are uniquely beautiful.   We should LOVE and make the most of who we are today.  Not who we were yesterday or who we might be tomorrow.

So why are we constantly coming up with excuses?  It is time for it to stop.  Lets repeat after me:

  • When I get a compliment I will say thank you.  Period.  Stop.  No excuses.  No jokes.   Just thank you!
  • When a friend suggests I try on a sexy number at the store I will do it.  Period. No excuses. No comments about how I haven't been able to wear a sexy dress since I was XX age.  No excuses that I need to lose 10 lbs first. If it doesn't fit or isn't fabulous I won't buy it. But I will try it on.  I will give myself a chance.
  • My faults are what make me unique. I will celebrate them.
  • I will start each day by saying something nice to myself, and believe it.  And then tomorrow say two, then three, and so on.
  • I will give myself a break. I don't expect my friends and family to be perfect.  If I mess up today who cares. Tomorrow I will do better.
  • When I look at pictures of myself I will look at my wonderful smile or the fun I am having in it. I will not immediately say how crappy I look, or how I always look bad in pictures.
  • As a middle aged woman today is a great day to try something new.  Because tomorrow I will be older.
  • I am not looking good for my age. I am looking good!

Gravity doesn't get any easier to accept as we age.  If we don't embrace what we have today, it is NOT likely we will embrace it any more in 10 years.

Do you want to look back at yourself in 10 or 20 years and think why didn't I realize how beautiful I was today? ... Neither do I.