As I was doing my People's Choice Awards post last night, I sort of forgot about the Critics' Choice Awards - tonight.  There were lots of jewels tones, black and brights.    I am sure not everyone will agree with my choices, and I'd love to hear if you agree/disagree with my choices - below in the comments.

Again there are more lovely ladies (and men) in my Red Carpet pinterest board.

My Favourites

Naomi Watts in a sexy black strapless gown.


Helen Hunt in an orange/red gown with lace cut-out details.


And tonight's controversial favourite is Leslie Mann in this candy floss pink dress.  Leslie usually takes some risks with her red carpet outfits and it usually works.  I have decided tonight is one of those times.  Although I am sure some will disagree.



Some others that I liked were  Octavia Spencer (as always in Tadashi) and Gloria Reuben in a lovely black lace gown.


I found very few disappointments tonight.   I thought Sally Field looked lovely in a red orange dress. But it was short and I would have expected more from her.  My only real disappointment was Famke Janssen.  I really don't like this see-through trend on women of any age.   But if the dress is kept simple it can work.  But this gown has all sorts of things going on.  The colour is lovely. But the rest of overwhelming her.  This is a case of the dress wore her.


Eye Candy

This one was tough.  There was Liam, looking fab on Naomi's arm.  There was Daniel Day Lewis beaming ear to ear when he won.  But it was Ben Affleck that got my vote this time around. Maybe I am just a sucker for a man in a beard. Or maybe just happy his hair is no longer in that Argo movie era style.


Any favourites tonight?  Are my favourites WAAAAY off?