I LOVE the Annual Costume Institute Gala at The Met. To me this is the red carpet to watch. Yes, I also love the Oscars but there is an immense pressure to do be pretty and glamorous at the Oscars. The Met Gala tends to be more over the top, more about fashion. More fun! So I tend to judge it on different terms than I do the Oscars.

It seemed this year many were confused on what to do with the theme of this year's exhibit = "PUNK: Chaos to Couture".  Which means to tell the story of how Punk has affected couture.  To me that theme says Bring It.  Because when are you going to have a chance to do it again??  So many did. Others... wore very pretty dresses, but didn't seem quite brave enough, or perhaps took themselves too seriously, to have fun with the theme. Some added punk in their hair and make-up, but paired it with a safe pretty dress. Or added some punk-ish accessories like chain necklaces or motorcycle boots with their evening gown.

I add a disclaimer here that not everyone who attends The Met Gala has their age published on the internet. If  I guessed wrong and someone below, or on my pinterest board is not yet 40. Take it is a complement that I thought you looked FAB and had to include you no matter your age.

Brought It...

What did I love? The women who had fun with the theme and stayed true to their own personal style. The ladies who shone through their clothes.

The best of the night, for me, was not an individual, but a couple who brought the punk together. Tommy and Dee Hilfiger wore coordinated tartans. Dee has never appeared to be a woman to shrink from a red carpet opportunity and she certainly embraced the punk theme here.

Tommy & Dee Hilfiger

Tommy & Dee Hilfiger

Sarah Jessica Parker is usually over the top with her red carpet style. Tonight she was clearly over the top of everyone with the tallest head-piece of the evening. The Mohawk head-piece was spectacular.


Madonna - nuff said.

I cannot guarantee that Giovanna Battaglia fits in the 40+ age group, but I loved the safety pins in her hair too much to leave her out.

Another lady with an unconfirmed age.  Julie Macklowe shows how to combine punk and pink!

Julie Macklowe

Wow Hair or Accessories

Points go to the ladies that added unique hair, make-up or accessories to a lovely gown.

I will admit that I loved Jennifer Lopez's mile high pompadour and I also, surprisingly, loved her animal print dress.

Stella Tennant's earrings are rock star! Not so sure about the rest of the outfit though.


Stella Tennant

Vivienne Westwood is one of the original punk designers, and included heavily in the show. True to her personal style her accessory "truth"  picture of Bradley Manning pinned to her coat. About the pin she said "I'm here to promote Bradley and he needs public support for what's going on with secret trials and trying to lock him away and he’s the bravest of the brave and that’s what I really want to say more than anything. Because punk, when I did punk all those years ago my motive was the same: Justice."

Vivian Westwood, followed by model Lily Cole (in a Vivian Westwood dress).

Vivian Westwood, followed by model Lily Cole (in a Vivian Westwood dress).

Then there was Debbie Harry, who tried a bit too hard I think, which resulted in a bit of a mish mash. But I loved the chain necklace, and if you look carefully her cocktail ring looks rather dangerous.  She looked more comfortable in her After Party outfit (right), which had a great pair of thigh high boots.

Looking Lovely...

Not necessarily punk, but certainly fantastic.

Leslie Mann can do no wrong on the red carpet. This splash pattern painting dress was lovely and had a great punk vibe without being over the top.

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann

Joely Richardson in  a bold yellow gown.

Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson

The dress is lovely, the earrings fun, but really the story here is Kate Beckinsale's fabulous stems.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

Anna Wintour's floral dress has nothing to do with the theme, but everything to do with spring.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour


The Couples...

Designer Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis. She kept is simple in a navy blue mini, but he shone in this leopard print tuxedo jacket.


Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. I applaud her daring leather corset top, but really it is her fabulous legs that caught my eye.


And then there was the always lovely Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis. I have to admit I never thought I could ever say I love a dress in sea foam green. Both also wore their hair higher than usual for the occasion.


I decided to skip the outfits that I really didn't love, and left those, along with other great outfits to my pinterest board. Feel free to comment there on those you loved or hated.


Source: Zimbio