So 2013 and another red carpet award season begins...  I like how the season begins with a nice light and fun award show like the People's Choice Awards.   Then we build through the Golden Globes, SAG, Grammy's, BAFTAs,  with a quick diversion to the Costume Designers Guild Awards before finishing up with the Oscars on February 24th.  One change you will see here this year is that I won't publish ALL the women over 40+ on my blog.  I will include the high and low lights and link you to the rest on Pinterest.   I will also continue to include those ladies that will turn 40 during 2013 in my lists.

As I noted earlier, the People's Choice Awards is a pretty light and fun show.  So the fashions tend to be less formal and shorter.   There are also fewer attendees, as only the presenters and winners go. The result is there are also fewer women over 40.

My favourites

Sandra Bullock for mixing it up.  She mixed lace with pin stripes and pink shoes. She looked sexy, classy and perhaps a little 1920s gangster all at the same time.


I also thought Naomi Watts looked smoking.  This could have been disaster of a dress on someone else - backless, gold lame with high potential for side cleavage.    The eye could have been seriously confused about where to focus first.  But I think she looked fantastic - maybe it was the hair that drew your attention to her eyes first.  Not sure, but I liked it.


The third outfit that I really liked, I think might be a bit controversial.  But I loved this simple, belted, white full length shirt dress worn by Ellen Pompeo.  I think she could have jazzed up her jewelry a bit, but I loved how chic and casual she looked.


The Disappointments

There were no obvious fashion disasters tonight. But a few disappointments by beautiful actresses whom I love.

First it seemed like forever since I saw Carrie-Anne Moss on a red carpet and I was really jazzed to see what she wore.   I loved her LBD. I loved her tiered necklace.  I loved her turquoise earrings. I loved her boots. I hated them all together.  It was an eclectic soup gone wrong.


The earrings and necklace did not work together.


Regina King rarely disappoints on the red carpet - she keeps it simple and often plays with bold colours.   But while this strapless dress showed off her fantastic arms, my eyes were drawn to the belt, the lace and then the bows on the shoes.  It just didn't seem to show off her shape to its best advantage.  Of course she is a beautiful lady and her smile always looks fantastic.


I was also disappointed with Jennifer Aniston.  Her attempt to combine sexy (leather) with a sweet silhouette just didn't work for her style.

Eye Candy

My eye candy award goes to Robert Downey Jr.  He has been on my "list" since high school, except for a short break during the drug years of course.  And he looked fab tonight... with perhaps the exception of his love for tinted glasses.   But the sneaks were awesome.  That is likely what edged out Nathan Fillion.


And for those who want to feel just a little bit older today,  my favourite Cosby kid Vanessa Huxtable, aka Tempest Bledsoe, will turn 40 this summer.


Check out the rest of the 40+ red carpet appearances at the People's Choice Awards in my 2013 red carpet pinterest board.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the great outfits Rachael WDisappoeisz and Sally Fields wore to the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

Did you watch the People's Choice Awards?  Any favourite outfits?