I think next year I am going to host an Oscar party.  I miss the fun debate over who will win, the dresses, who will fall walking to the stage, the dresses, who will say something stupid, the dresses, and how well the host is doing... oh and the dresses. And while I enjoyed a glass of wine (or two) while watching, debating with my 5 year old on whether he liked the train on Amy Adams skirt was not really fulfilling.

There were a few themes with the 40 and over crowd, including a lot of strapless gown, big trains, metallic, black, white and even colour tonight.  I pinned all the 40+ dresses (and tuxedos) in a 2013 Oscar board.

My Top 10 Favourites

I found it really easy to pick my first 6 favourites,  then it got a bit harder to pick. I love all my final picks, but some where harder to decide on.

At the top of my list, continuing her red carpet 2013 streak,  is Naomi Watts.  She is once again wearing Georgio Armani.  And no it won't be hard to guess my favourite of the 2013 movie award season. She may not have won any awards, but she certainly grabbed lots of attention on the red carpet.


Jennifer Garner has also had a fantastic red carpet record this year (except that BAFTA outfit). This purple Gucci strapless gown with the fantastic "party" in the back was stunning. And fun!


Sandra Bullock wore a lace Elie Saab gown. I loved how very Art Deco 20s it felt. And the diamond piece behind her left ear was a great touch (can't be seen in this photo).


Emmanuelle Riva got on my favourite list for wearing this teal outfit. The gown did not show off her figure and could have felt dowdy.  But the teal colour and the jewelry made her outfit very chic and rather French. Which makes sense on this French 86 year old actress. Happy Birthday Emmanuelle.


Robin Roberts looked STUNNING in this royal blue velvet gown. The halter neckline with matching drop earings was perfect to show off her short hair.


Helen Hunt's strapless navy gown is simple and elegant, with with a statement necklace, a great cuff and simple earrings. You would never know the dress is from the H&M Conscious Collection.  And while it felt like that might be a Bazinga, it was not a joke.


Salma Hayek is a petit, curvy woman who often wows by making the most of those curves on the red carpet. Tonight she wowed in this high coloured Alexander McQueen velvet and high hair.


Anne Sweeney runs a large Disney empire. She is not an actress and is not the target of a lot of red carpet photos. I love her simple black shift with a hint of red belt at the waist. She is appropriate for the occasion and her position in the entertainment world.


I wasn't sure about this dress on Sally Field when I saw her interviewed up close tonight. But when I saw it at at a distance I understood its appeal.


And then the usual minimalist and wearer of most things black, Jennifer Aniston wowed in this red Valentino (is there any other colour to wear a Valentino?) gown.


The Couples

Some of the spouses on the red carpet outshone the stars tonight. Their picks might have been a bit more conservative, and all four below are black, but they fit their style and shape perfectly, making them stand outs for me.

Grace Hightower wore this standout black satin peplum gown. I doubt anybody was looking at her husband Robert DeNiro all night.


Daniel Day-Lewis was the star of the night, taking home his 3rd Oscar, and he looked like he stepped out of a Mad Men episode in this navy tuxedo. His wife Rebecca Miller kept her dress choice simple - but lovely in this lace column dress. And I loved the glasses she wore during the ceremony.


Lisa Hoffman combined a peplum over a bubble skirt - and it worked. Probably because she kept everything else, including her hair, simple.  I must admit though that Dustin Hoffman does not appear impressed in this shot.


Deborra-Lee Furness almost always wears black on the red carpet. Tonight was no different. Except that she wore a black tuxedo. She kept it feminine with a high ponytail and a statement black choker. It is too bad that almost all eyes were on her husband Hugh Jackman.


The ones that make you go HMMMMMM?!?

It isn't really fair to put Helena Bonham-Carter on this list. She is always her eccentric self on the red carpet. And this black and white Vivienne Westwood is no different. Except that it doesn't just make her look eccentric, it sort of makes her look dowdy and podgy. Which she isn't.


The cat ears worn by set designer Eve Stewart are just a bit baffling. I am assuming they must be some sort of inside joke. But not sure the Oscar Red Carpet is the place to tell inside stories.


Finally, I was not a fan of Octavia Spencer's dress. She always wears Tadashi Shoji, but this pale pink confection just did not seem to work for Octavia. I wanted to like it. But I couldn't.


Eye Candy

There were a lot of options for eye candy tonight. But I had to go old-school with Richard Gere.


Who were your favourites tonight?  Do you disagree with any of my picks above, or on my Pinterest 2013 Oscar board?  If yes, let me know. I enjoy a little healthy Oscar Fashion Debate.