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Taking a look back at 2013 I am surprised by my most popular posts of the year. Honestly what was surprising was that many of my top posts were from past years - not 2013. But since I am just looking back at 2013, I will list only the top 10 popular posts written and […]

As a child I grew up on the prairies where layering it up in the winter is an art learned very early in life. Of course that layering was for warmth so your fingers or toes didn't fall off on the walk to school. Or so that you could remove a layer at a time […]

Christmas Came Early with the arrival of the Christmas present from my Mom, a new motorcycle jacket from Danier Leather. I have coveted this jacket for months. When my Mom came to visit over US Thanksgiving we popped into Danier Leather on our way to the movies to check it out. Alas they did not […]

I have a new style secret. A secret that has been hiding in my lingerie drawer for years. A secret that I always thought was from my Mother's generation. A secret that until recently still had its tags on. A secret that doesn't rub my tights the wrong way. A secret that keeps some of […]

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