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...are you offending other people? I wrote this post a few weeks ago and then put it aside not sure if I should publish it. Then my friend Gwen made a comment on another post saying a very similar thing. So I decided to put on my grown up panties and post it in hopes […]

I am featured over on The Thirties Grind as this week's "REAL" Real Housewife of Vancouver.  Melissa deservedly won the Top Vancouver Mom Blogger award from in 2012. Her blog is outspoken about life in Vancouver and our real estate prices. Recently she started profiling Vancouver women in the REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver. I […]

I think next year I am going to host an Oscar party.  I miss the fun debate over who will win, the dresses, who will fall walking to the stage, the dresses, who will say something stupid, the dresses, and how well the host is doing... oh and the dresses. And while I enjoyed a glass […]

I LOVE polka dots. Not sure if it is because I love vintage 1930s/40s polka dots, or because they were all the rage in the 80s.  No matter why, I love that they are on trend this year and so easy to find in-stores. When we were at Old Navy checking out their Family Day […]

I had an interesting conversation at a marketing lunch yesterday with a couple of women on the definition of a "Senior".  In my mind 65 was always the magic age that somehow made you a senior.   Or people who had started to slow down in preparation of retirement or had retired.  But with people working and living longer the […]

I love getting my hair cut (in this case a trim). I always feel like a million dollars with a freshly massaged scalp, a little less weight on my head and a nicely blow dryed coif. I made a bit of a tactical error with my hair over the past few years. First I decided to […]

My regular followers will notice I have made a few changes to the Fashion Forward 40 layout.  This also now includes a Link page in the top navigation.  I have always been selective on who I link to, as I see it as a personal recommendation. So I have always written about why I follow […]


Do you have a friend who is so lovely and beautiful, but no matter what you do she just can't see it?  You compliment her and she makes excuses. Or jokes.  Or she says things about how "if only" she lost 10 lbs.   While shopping you suggest she try on an outfit perfect for her shape and style.  She […]

I will admit that I wasn't bowled over by any of the outfits worn by the 40+ crowd to the Grammy awards. There were some lovely gowns of course.  And a lot more colour than the BAFTAs. But nothing that easily stood out as my favourite. There were, though, some great WOW! moments. The Favourites Rapper […]

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts had their big Movies Awards tonight.   Perhaps it was the rainy weather, but the red carpet lacked a certain amount of glam.  Maybe it was because Naomi Watts wasn't in attendance.   The 40+ crowd at the BAFTAs wore a lot of black and white, with only a few pops […]

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