A very long, long, long March ended with a much needed night out with the girls - a little something Alexis Hinde and I like to call Vancouver Mum's Night Out.  A casual together, hosted at Lunapads, with a little wine and some nibbles.  It was an opportunity to dress up a bit and see the lovely ladies I talk to on twitter everyday - in person!

It also seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear my new red Gap wide leg pants and red platform Fluevogs.   I kept my top simple with a ruffled black blouse (had it too long to remember the brand).

Did I feel fabulous?  Yes!   Am I in love with the results? Not really.  It looks a bit sloppy.  Of course the wrinkles in the pants and the messy hair don't help.  But I think it is the blouse I am not loving.  I like it better when it is worn under something else or is belted.  The pants are a bit relaxed in their fit- so when paired with the blouse it all feels a bit sloppy.  But when trying something new and bold like red pants, it might take a few tries to get it right.

What I do love.  My new necklace from Plum.  Purchased during their boxing week sale.

And then, me being me, I had to have a bit of fun.  Here is my attempt to replicate Angelina Jolie's stand from the Oscars. I tried the serious face with a pout, but I couldn't keep my face straight for long.... but it just isn't the same without the giant slit!

I did a piece on red pants for spring for The Vancouver Observer a few weeks ago, which led me to these pants.  The shopping trip in search of the red pants was interesting.... warning change room photos to follow. 

A quick aside - when shopping always remember that it isn't you that doesn't fit the clothes. It is the clothes that don't fit you!   Not everything is designed for our particular shape and size.  So sometimes it takes a few tries before you find the right thing.

First  I checked out the ankle pants at Talbots.

I loved the length, fabric, flat front, side zip and fit of these pants.  But unfortunately they also gave me the toe of a desert animal (but I might need to go back and buy that striped top - thoughts??).

Then it was Banana Republic for a cropped version.


I loved the length of these pants. But don't let the picture fool you these were way too tight and the muffin top was legen...dary.  Since Banana Republic no longer makes size 16 in their pants I was out of luck.

The next stop was The Bay, where I tried on a pair of straight leg Ralph Lauren pants.

These were my least favourite of the day. The straight leg was not flattering on my shape and the side slit pockets were not comfortable.  And when you are buying statement red pants you need to look and feel fabulous in them.

I was convinced that a wide leg pant was probably going to be the winner.  I have at least half a dozen on my pinterest board. I figured I had to find them somewhere in store.  And The Gap did not disappoint.  The size 16 pants fit perfectly in-store. Which made me a bit nervous as they are 100% cotton and could stretch out.  But the 14 was too tight in the waist. So I took the risk and bought the 16.  I figured the cotton will be practical when chasing a 4 year old around.

 Now I just need to remember how to use an iron.

I might have to wear my red pants again this weekend at Breathe Now.   Styling them might take a bit of practice. But practice makes perfect!