A few weeks ago I was invited, along with 16 other Vancouver area Mom Bloggers, to meet with the BC Premier Christy Clark.  The round table discussion covered the topics that were important to many of us - cost of living, childcare, job and small business opportunities, transportation and women's breast health.  It was a busy hour and many of us didn't get an opportunity to bring forward our own concerns (I know several of us had planned to bring up environmental concerns but I didn't want to hijack the conversation).   But I felt it was a good first meeting with the Premier.  If the office continues to engage us, and other local bloggers, then I will see the meeting as a success.  It certainly shows the growing influence of our blogging community.

I felt the question around women's breast health brought up by Gillian from Finding My Weigh was a relevant one to discuss further in this forum. In BC women  from 40-79 can have a free regular mammogram without a Doctor's referral.  Gillian, who works with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, brought up rumours that this might change. As BC has some of the best stats in Canada for breast cancer survival, I don't want to see that change.   I loved Premier Clark's reaction "Not On My Watch".  But she may not be the one making that decision in years to come.  And I would hate to see our level of care decrease to save a few dollars up front.   You can read Gillian's entire post here, which includes more information on BC's Gold standard in screening programs.

Now onto the style for the day.  The styles worn ran the full spectrum from casual to dressy.  But 4 women had a very similar idea of what to wear. 3 were in the identical black tuxedo shirt dress from H&M.  And Harriet, from See Theo Run, had a very similar black shirt dress on.  Each had it styled very differently, but it certainly was the dress of the day.  Alas I was unable to capture of a picture of the ladies or find an image of the dress online.

For me, I decided to embrace some colour on this lovely spring day.  I wore a fuchsia dress, with re-purposed pleather belt in same colour. I threw on a fun necklace and a denim blazer.  That all worked great.  But being an early spring day, and my dress being rather short, I didn't feel comfortable going without nylons. Unfortunately the only nylons I had that were clean or without big snags were these "natural" ones.  Which means they gave my leg that bad fake tan look.  I will admit it made me very self conscious.  I grew up really hating natural coloured nylons.  Because they are anything but natural. I think I must have bought these ones when I was in a pinch.    And sorry about the picture, I didn't have my Canon with me and took this quickly on my tablet.


  • Dress - Mexx
  • Belt - re-purposed and can't find name of local designer
  • Blazer - The Loft
  • Necklace - Fine Finds
  • Brooch - Vintage
  • Bracelet - Thrift
  • Shoes - Town Shoes