I spent a lovely Mother's Day with my boys.  First they let me sleep in to the grand old hour of 10am.  Then we went to our favourite cafe for a bit of brunch... spinach feta eggs benedict and a mimosa will make a mom's heart sing.  My son had stuffed french toast, and I will admit I finished off what he didn't eat...


Mother's Day Brunch at Roots Cafe

To me Mother's Day is about spending time with your family, and maybe a bit of "me" time too. No big presents (it has become far too commercial in my view).  So I got a hand made card, and a gift of most of the Lego on the living room floor being put away.  Then I was given a free afternoon to spend some time on my own.

I also opened a lovely gift that had arrived from my Mom.  She treated herself to a trip to Nice for her birthday this past spring.  Not officially a Mother's Day gift, but arrived very conveniently all the same.  In the package was a lovely scarf which she had picked up for me while travelling.  It fit so perfect with the outfit I was wearing (I swear I was already wearing that dress, necklace and bracelet) that I put it on and wore it for the day.


Dress: Nicole Bridger, Belt: repurposed leather, Shoes: thrifted, Cuff: Local designer at Portobello whose card I lost, scarf: Southern France


I love this naturally treated cuff. It is going to age so nicely. And feel horrible that I can't find the local designers card. Will update if I find it.

 For my "me" time I decided to take some time and look for some spring dresses and "grown up" tops.  I headed off to Addition Elle and Winners.  What did I come home with???  A new pair of ankle cut red pants, and 3 new pairs of sandals from Winners.  Most of the time these days I'm about quality over quantity in footware.  But sandals seem to go out of style faster than other shoes and I am so in love with the fun wedges out this season.  Okay I am making excuses.  I just loved the shoes. Pix to follow.

What did you do on Mother's Day?