Since I am (what I like to term as) a "Former Ad Guy", a pop culture junkie and a child of the 60s,  Mad Men should have been required viewing. But I initially resisted.  I ended up catching my first glimpse of Mad Men Season 1 when it came out on DVD.  And I've been hooked ever since.   It carefully winds stories around these everyday characters.  Like a book where you enjoy the journey of getting to know these characters,  their everyday lives, in their own unique world.  Then before you know it you are in love with them.   And I like that the show often portrays the less appealing side of the 60s.  One of my favourite scenes is when they picnic in the park. When they are done they simply pick up their blanket - dumping the remains of their picnic onto the grass - and drive away in Don's new Cadillac.  Such a shocking moment for a generation that grew up with "don't liter" messages everywhere.

Mad Men Season 5 DVD Launch Party, sponsored by Canadian Club.

The other obvious element that I love about Mad Men is the fashion. I am a girl who loves feminine and ladylike silhouettes.  So I was very excited to be invited to the Canadian Club sponsored party for the Mad Men Season 5 DVD release.    Of course I debated what to wear.  It seemed one of those rare occasions that I could pull out my Vintage 60s orange mini dress.  But I decided instead to do a modern take on the 60s woman. My inspiration was a split between Joan and Peggy - well really Peggy was just the inspiration for my attempted hair flip.  The rest was all Joan.    I created a 60s silhouette with a curvy top (Kiyonna), a pencil skirt and heels.

Then I added 60s vintage pearl necklace and earrings (a gift from my sister-in-law).  I am not a fan of clip ons so I wore the earrings on the top instead.  Well, I wore one of them. The other one didn't want to stay on.

My girlfriend Gwen from Left Coast Mama (as an aside you need to read her latest piece over at on Making a Stay at BC Children's Hospital Easier) and I had a blast  taking photos, sipping our CC Sours and checking out the vintage ads throughout the room at classic Terminal City Club.

Of course I could NOT miss an opportunity to wear my 60s vintage blue swing coat.  It worked perfectly to tease just a bit of the Kiyonna blouse.

And somehow the pictures from inside the coat room also made sense with a Mad Men party.

  • Top -  Black and white polka dot Melrose Mesh top - c/o Kiyonna
  • Skirt - Black pencil skirt - can't remember brand cause it has been in my closet for over a decade
  • Shoes - Animal print heels - Nine West
  • Necklace - 60s vintage pearl necklace and earrings worn as a pin
  • Cardigan - Black and white animal print - Ann Taylor
  • Jacket - 60s vintage swing coat

Season 5 of Mad Men comes out on DVD and Blu Ray tomorrow (October 16th).

I am once again taking part in Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style.

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