About a month ago I was invited to the IKEA Richmond Opening.  It was a lovely night and a great opportunity to see the store without all the crowds (and of course catch up with a few friends who were also there).

And yes, this outfit is very similar to the one I wore on Mother's Day.  It has different shoes and cuff.  Plus I topped this one off with a cardigan, as the nice spring weather had NOT yet appeared.

IMG_1880 R

Dress: Nicole Bridger - Belt: Re-purposed leather from Nicole Bridger Store - Bracelet: Local designer at Nifty for Fifty - Shoes: Thrifted - Cardigan: Kersh - Purse: Liebeskin (thank to Gwen aka @gwenfloyd for taking pix)

But it wasn't all fun and games. I was on a mission to find new ideas on how to store my jewelry.  As part of my spring cleaning I am re-organizing my accessories.  I don't have a lot of space and have been collecting a number of new chunky (and bulky) necklaces.    My earrings are all organized in ice cube trays, so my focus was on how to organize my necklaces.  And I hate having to get the stool out to climb to the top of my closet to change purses.  That was my secondary objective.   Here are some of the Ideas I found...

Idea #1 - Hang my long necklaces in the closet on a tie hanger.


The downside - a lot of weight on a single hanger.

Idea #2 - Hooks under shelves.  Keeps everything easily visible and adds to the decor at the same time.  I'd also be able to put purses on upper shelves.

IMG_1891 r

Downside - I don't have enough space to put up these type of shelves.

Idea #3 - Wire fish lines.  Okay this idea comes from a kids room with art. But couldn't I put wires across and put little hooks to hang up necklaces.  Or even link the necklaces around the wire itself....

There were also some kitchen systems that had a bar installed on the wall and either hooks or accessories (like cups) to hold things.  Also an option.

I left thinking that I should install small hooks in the slim space between my high shelves and the wall.  Or perhaps a sliding towel bar.  There would be just enough space for me to slide my hand in, but not great for visibility.

When I got home I realized I should have had a different purpose, and purchased this for my kitchen wall. With my son starting kindergarten in the fall, I'm going to need a central place to keep info and "stuff" in a neat way.


But what about my accessory problem? Well our neighbour solved it a few days later, with an antique tall boy, that our neighbour was going to send to the dump.  It is a lovely antique and I am going to try to adapt it.  It has a small mirror, small drawers and a space to hang things. So I'll be right back at Ikea soon getting those cute little drawer organizers.  Then I can keep all my necklaces separated from each other in the drawers - where they won't have to hang, but will be able to lie around and still be seen by me.  Pictures to follow when I finally finish it. First it will take more that just a little bit of re-arranging in our bedroom.

Disclosure:  Ikea invited me, along with other local Vancouver media to a sneak peak of the new Ikea Richmond.  They provided nibblies (and yes there were meat balls), drinks and some treats.  We were all offered 15% off any purchases that night - which I used to buy a chopper.  And the swag bag was  truly fantastic...