I thought about calling this What I Drove, but there is so much more to the weekend in Victoria for the Breathe Now conference than the cute little car I drove (more on that later).

Earlier this month, before the horrible stomach bug hit, I attended (and spoke at) the Breathe Now conference in Victoria.  It was an inspiring weekend with two unique keynote speakers... Rona Maynard,  the former Editor for Chatelaine and Bif Naked, Canadian music icon.  Such unique women, with fantastic (and funny) stories.  I met so many great women over the weekend I don't dare start talking about them or I'll never stop.

It was also an opportunity to catch up with some old friends. I had an opportunity to share some chocolate with Karen, aka @scatteredmom, my Traversetrip to San Diego buddy from last summer.   And get a few hugs from Raul of @hummingbird604.

Me and my TraverseTrip friend Karen aka @scatteredmom (photo care of Derek Ford)

My session, with the lovely Veronique and Teresa, went well and we had some great conversation about Owning Our Beauty.  It was such an open group that even our fantastic weekend photographer Derek Ford joined in.  He even partnered with me for a few of the exercises.   Check out his great Facebook page for more shots from the weekend.

Needless to say it was a fab weekend, where some great women got to step away from life and share some experiences with each other.  And I am looking forward to the 2nd Annual Event next year.

Onto the wardrobe for the weekend.  I decided it was  April and time to pull out the peep toe, red Toms wedges.  And since I was only going to be there for the weekend I decided that I'd only take one pair of pants - my  straight leg 505 Levi's felt like they would up to the challenge of a ferry ride, chasing a 4 year old through the park and looking stylish and comfortable at the conference.   Rolled up they looked great with the wedges.

That just left a top change for each day.  I seem to be into unusual pairings lately and a weekend out of town seemed the perfect opportunity to try out some new ideas.

Day 1 - Black and white striped (Joe Fresh) t-shirt, with my red Shawl collar cardigan (Nygard), layered pearl necklace (Fine Finds), silver cuff (Ann Taylor outlet store) and neon pink sun glasses.

Me and my cute Chevrolet Cruze

Day 2 - Repeat pants and shoes.  For my talk I spiced up the outfit a bit with a red knit top (Anthropologie) under an animal print cardigan (Ann Taylor), paired with a striped black and white scarf and the same silver cuff (Ann Taylor outlet).   This was also the day I got to meet Bif Naked.  So the extra attitude seemed fitting.   I hope in the next few years when I hit menopause I can keep Bif's attitude and consider those hot flashes a "2 minute tropical vacation".

Picture of Bif and me was taken on my camera by Derek Ford.

I have to admit I loved what I wore this weekend. Both outfits felt very me.  Some classic pieces mixed up just enough to make me smile.   And almost everyone noticed the shoes.

The Car 

Now lets get back to the car story.  Chevrolet was a sponsor of the conference and I was offered a vehicle to drive over to Victoria for the weekend.  Carter GM provided me with a very shiny silver Cruze for the weekend.  Although I will admit it tested my rusty manual driving skills.   I sold my manual transmission Saturn when I moved out West 13 years ago... so yeah I was a bit rusty.  But I survived the hill the dealer left the car parked on. And am proud to say I only stalled it a handful of times.  Unfortunately one of those times was on the ramp onto the ferry.  Nothing like pressure with 100 cars lined up behind you waiting...   The manual transmission was very smooth though, and the dash gave me helpful "idiot" instructions on when to shift.

And a special note to self,  next time check how to put the car into reverse in advance, then you aren't blocking your street trying to parallel park your car.  Related - the car manual is very well organized and easy to find the info you need QUICKLY.

The Cruze had great pick up and go for passing and the brakes worked great. :)  It was a perfect vehicle for booting around town, with a car seat in the back and a weekend's worth of stuff in the trunk (including my son's scooter which he insisted on bringing to Grandpa's house).

The best part of the weekend - I got to cuddle my 6 month old Great Nephew before he moved to Ontario. Yup! I'm old enough to have a great nephew.  But he is too cute for me to care.

Disclaimer - GM provided me a vehicle with gas and paid for the ferry to get the car to Victoria and back.  Some links in this post are affiliate links and may benefit me if you purchase something.