A few days after we returned from San Francisco we were invited to a house party.  An adult - no kids allowed- house party.  The grandparents happened to be in town so we had free babysitters.  It was a fun night out and a perfect opportunity to wear all my new goodies.    And try to capture better pictures.  Although not so sure the pictures are any better.  But I LOVED these pieces together.

The Top - I have been crushing on this Black and White polka dot shirt from Kiyonna for months.   I have to say it didn't disappoint.   And it got a big "Husband Approved".

The Jeans - Levi's Bold Curve Modern (mid) Rise Skinny Jeans.  I was carefully measured at the Levi's store to check what type of fit I should wear and to find me the right size for my new skinny jeans.   When asked what type of rise I like, I said I don't find high-rise pants comfortable, but I also didn't want to be showing crack at the park.   These do fit me well in the bum and through the waist. But they do they have potential for a plumber situation. So I will be careful at the park.   I also like that many of Levi's styles are now made in the US.  Although these particular jeans were not.

The Boots - The Dr. Martens Mandy Wedge in blackcurrant.  I've talked a lot about these boots in the past while. I've been wanting them since last February. So happy I bought them.  And while the heel is high, they are very comfortable.  Just what I would expect from a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

I didn't capture any pictures at the party, as it was a roof top patio party and there wasn't really any light. So these are from home before we left.   Taken with and without flash because our basement does not have great lighting.

Picture taken with and without flash.

Since it was September and an outdoor party, I also added my Ann Taylor animal print cardigan.   I loved the mix of polka dot and animal print.  Although I never needed the sweater as our friend had a great outdoor fireplace.

The accessories were my Tree of Life necklace from Spark Jewelry, ad the awesome purple polka dot cuff made by my friend Marie Andre.