I had lunch with a friend a few weeks back and she indicated she really appreciated my seasonal shopping lists.  And while we are now in the middle of summer I thought it might be worth addressing what was, and is still on my list.

My big goal for this summer was coloured pants.  I purchased a great pair of wide leg Gap pants (seen here) back in March, which I found more difficult to meld into my closet than I thought.  In part because of finding the right shoes and because of the shade of red (most of my things are a darker red). Now that I have brought out the summer sandals it might get more wear.

On a trip to Winners on Mother's Day I found a great pair of  red ankle cropped pants, by Ellen Tracy, for a really great price.   They make me feel very Audrey Hepburn, and  have become part of my regular rotation for both work and casual dress.  Pics to come in the future.

On that same trip to Winners, I picked up 3 new pairs of summer sandals.  My plan had been to buy one dressier pair of grey sandals - I have added several grey pieces to my wardrobe and regularly wear my winter grey heels.  So I felt new grey sandals would get a lot of wear for several years.  And while I try to buy less and better quality pieces, the old "shoe addict" in me reared its evil head.  I came home with 3 pairs of sandals -  denim wedges, grey peep-toe sling back wedges and  black wedge sandals.  My basic black heeled sandals had bit the dust, so I didn't have to think much to add the black sandals to my purchase.  The 3 pairs or shoes and the red pants cost me $130.

A regular item on my summer shopping list is dresses. A great dress can last in  your closet for years and can be dressed up or down.   I had hoped to add a more casual dress for those days hanging out with my son and something great for work.  I did more than that:

  • Addition Elle - black and white print dress - this one works great with leggings and flats for kid related events, and also fab for work with a cardigan or blazer.
  • Fresh Produce - a bright coloured casual dress. But I did wear it to work once with tights, boots and a jacket. Provided to me for review by Fresh Produce.
  • Nicole Bridger - grey silk dress - featured in yesterday's post.
  • Jacqueline Conoir - a lovely blue and grey print dress perfect for work and going out.  Purchased at their 50% off sale last week as a gift from my always generous mom.  Pics to come.
  • Kiyonna - The fab red dress provided to me by Kiyonna as part of their Blogger Brigade.

Not planned, but also purchased this spring were:

  • Grey Calvin Klein bolero 3/4 sleeve sweater - Winners - goes great with the new Jacqueline Conoir dress.  And in Vancouver weather a light cover is always a good investment.  $30
  • Gap jean jacket - thrift. $10
  • Grey blue earrings - a local designer - purchased at Jacqueline Conoir studio - $24 (to go with my new print dress)
  • Vintage jewelry - black 4 leaf clover necklace, black and cream dot bracelet, red and white necklace. $35 total.
  • Light grey pin striped pants - Banana Republic.  These lined pants were on sale and a nice alternative to black pants for work in the spring and summer.

What could be left?  Now that the summer sales have begun, I intend to keep a good look-out for the following:

  • Good walking sandals  - my current walking sandals have that little thing between my big and 2nd toe.  They look great with dresses, but are not good for a full day of walking.  I will likely invest in a pair of Birks that work with both shorts and casual summer dresses.    I am going on vacation in August where I will do a lot of walking. I need to purchase and break in new sandals before I go.
  • Cute short sleeve top - As summer progresses I realize most of my short sleeve tops are purchased with the idea that something will be worn over them.   Which means they are sort of boring on their own. I'd like a cute top that can be worn with shorts or a skirt and stand on its own merits.  As I usually need some sort of topper for work, this is meant to be a fun casual shirt.   Also something that won't be out of style by next summer.
  • Work tops - I don't own a lot of actual blouses.  This is not a summer specific item as I need these for my wardrobe year round.  This cute black and white polka dot number from Kiyonna has been calling my name.  Also a  great button down white top is always on the list.  I have yet to find one that doesn't gape somewhere.
  • Zumba gear - I started Zumba classes this spring and need new sneakers and a workout bra.  I am currently wearing my dance sneakers, but they won't do the job long term.  There is a great pair of hot pink Nike that I saw that are apparently built for dance workouts like Zumba. I'm on the lookout for a sale.    And if anyone has suggestions for great places for plus-size workout bras, and that give the girls great support please let me know. The girls will thank you.
When I started this post I thought it was going to be short and sweet. Hadn't realized I had done that much shopping this spring.  Clearly I didn't have a list or a plan.  Although I feel pretty comfortable that all of my purchases, except maybe the 3 pairs of wedges, were good long term additions to my closet.
Now that the summer sales have begun what is on your summer shopping list?