Today Wardrobe Oxygen posted a pix of a great white button down shirt on her blog.  It reminded me of an ongoing frustration of mine.... finding a great button down shirt.  I have several in my closet, none is exactly right.  It has become like a legendary search for something mythical.... or a Monty Python Skit.

My issues with white shirts:

  • They gape at the chest...yes I have an ample chest.  But sometime they gape even though they fit fine through the chest.
  • Too big in the shoulders... I have narrow shoulders vs my chest. So if it fits in the chest. It is likely too big at the shoulders
  • No definition in the waist... I have a reasonably defined waist and I'd like my shirt to not bubble at the back where my waist should be (of course if this was the only problem I could likely have this part tailored to fit)
  • Fit me in the hips... I have a girly figure so the hips size needs to be wider than the waist.

I see a lot of white shirts online.  I'm especially drawn to these shirts at Rebecca & Drew, which include bra size and height as part of their sizing.  But I have online buyer anxiety.  I don't want to spend $200 on a shirt, wait 2 weeks to find it doesn't fit (even with their Unlimited Free Shipping & Exchanges).  Then have to send it back and try again.  So I do nothing...

Have you found the perfect white shirt? Or are you still searching for your holy grail?