This is my second piece on the topic of spring cleaning. The first was about spring cleaning ourselves with Stress Less, Live More.  This second is another step under the subject of spring renewal. The bra fitting.   As my long time readers know I believe strongly in a good foundation for my girls.   But it has been a couple of years since I've had a bra fitting, so I was excited to get the invitation from Addition Elle to check out their new bra collection and have a proper fitting.    I am in need of a new basic t-shirt bra for summer - in nude of course. So I made an appointment for my fitting.

Upon being measured it appears I am a 37" around (nope not going to reveal the cup size).  The Addition Elle bras start at a 38.  Now don't get me wrong a proper measurement is key to starting a good bra fitting. But more important is trying on different styles in different sizes. Because different styles fit differently - no matter what your numbers say. And I found all the 38" band sizes fit me just fine.  Where I had problems was my narrow shoulders and the strap length.    The more practical styles had longer straps, that couldn't be shortened enough for me.

Smooth Curves Underwire Bra - sizes 38 D to 44 DDD

So I ended up trying on the super sexy  Femme Fatale Bra in this lovely Deep Aqua colour.  The band fit without any back bulge.  It fit flat in front between the girls.  Nothing extra bulged under the arms.  The straps had lots of room for adjustment and stayed in place.  Nothing rode up in back.  And since Addition Elle had given me a lovely card for a bra and pantie, there was nothing stopping me from bringing it (and the matching panties) home with me.

Femme Fatale Bra in Aqua - sizes 38C to 44DD


Interestingly, after I got home I took their Bra Personality Quiz... it also came up with the Femme Fatale for me.  Clearly it was the right choice for me.

And of course, I can't visit an Addition Elle without checking out all the fun spring clothes.  This black and white v-neck dress kept calling to me from the display.  I'm not normally a pattern girl. But I figured it was saying something to me.  And it was. It fit beautifully.  And the back is so cute.  So I took it home.

Black and white v-neck dress on right now lives at my house.

So while I may still need a good basic nude coloured t-shirt bra for the summer.  I am more than ready with a great foundation for my girls, that is just a bit more exciting if it peaks out from underneath a top.  A picture of me in the dress to follow soon.

Disclosure - I was provided the bra and pantie care of Addition Elle. The dress I bought myself.  All opinions, as always, are my own.    All photos care of Addition Elle.