It seems everytime I visit Steveston I find another little fashionable secret.  So when I was invited to a blogger event at Violet Hill Boutique in Steveston I thought it would be fun. And I wasn't wrong.  It is a lovely boutique full of modern clothing - and right at the Moncton and 1 Road interaction across from my son's favourite park in Steveston.  So it will be easy for me to drop by in future.

Besides the food and drink I was immediately drawn to the beautiful leather bags from Liebeskin.  Of course it didn't hurt that the display was above the food and drinks.  :)  There were 2 mustard bags that immediately caught my attention.  These were beautifully made leather purses from Berlin.  Investment bags.  Not an impulse purchase.

The first was Liebeskin's cute little Maike bag in mustard yellow.   I checked it out and loved how the naturally worked leather gave the piece such depth.  With leather that has been worked with in a natural way it tends to have a loos colour effect, which means it is not completely uniform throughout.  The leather was also buttery soft.  But for someone who rarely leaves home without my tablet and a sippy cup it was impractical.

The second was the larger, more practical, Lina Bag.  I continued to be drawn to it all night. Even after trying on several tops, I continued to look back to the wall.   But I didn't dare go over to have a closer look because  ... well the $310 price tag was not within my current budget.

I was distracted briefly by cute tops and these lovely one of a kind rings by Social Experiment.

Finally, I asked if the fabulous discount being offered to the attendees that night also applied to the bags (we were also given a gift certificate to use). I never thought it would. But when I was told it did apply to the bags I made an immediate beeline to check out the bag.  It was fabulous. But big, and rather a bit cavernous.  And while I have a lot of things to carry, I also hate digging in my bag for 10 minutes to find anything. Then the lovely purple bag to the left caught my eye (you can also see to the right of the samller Mieke bag in earlier picture).  It has lovely small outside pockets for things like cell phones and keys.  It had that same rich colour and soft leather.  Then the debate began. Do I buy the mustard colour which has been drawing my eye for the past hour? Or the more practical purple?  When in a room of fashion bloggers what does a girl do?  An informal survey.  In the end I knew in my heart I wanted the purple one.   I knew if I bought the mustard one, no matter how much the colour called to me,  it would call to me from my closet because I'd rarely use it.

And yes, I was so excited about my new bag purchase I forgot to have someone take a picture of what I wore that night.  Which was grey skinny trousers, black and white animal print sweater, black ruffle blouse, red belt and red platform Fluevogs.

My new bag in action on a windy Saturday afternoon!

And yes, it matches the lining of my spring denim trench coat.  Thanks to Gwen from LeftCoastMama for the picture.

So next time you are in Steveston take a walk off the boardwalk and check out Violet Hill Boutique.  The owner and staff are very friendly and the shop full of lovely modern pieces.  But beward you might come home with a new purse.