I expect the MTV Movie awards to be a little light on the 40+ actresses.   But this year was ridiculous.  In the red carpet photos I found none.  The "older" female crowd were represented by mid 30s women, such as Charlize Theron (loved her red dress), Elizabeth Banks (looking edgy in a black jumpsuit) and Kate Beckinsale (in winter white).    And to be honest, there weren't a lot of 40+ men on the red carpet either.

The show was another matter.   Jennifer Aniston and Jodie Foster did a great job representing - each of them rocking their own unique style.

But that was IT for the over 40 female crowd.   While Jennifer won for on screen dirt bag, Charlie Sheen was there to...for... well...errr  being a real life dirt bag.   Johnny Depp was there to rock out on stage and get presented with the Generations award.  Certainly he deserves the award, but when did he become known for his music?

And then there was these guys...

To be fair Melissa McCarthy, also in the 40+ club, won for Best Comedic performance, but wasn't there to collect her award.

Thankfully there was also Joe - who truthfully is nowhere near 40.  And I know sooner or later he will have to get a part where he wears his shirt. But until then, True Blood can't start soon enough for me.

There are a lot of rocking women over 40, whether musicians, comedians or actors.   I am sure they could have dug up a few more that would appeal to their "young" demographic.   Glad I didn't waste my time actually watching the show.

Photos - Zimbio.com