I don't like to talk sizes much, because they change so much from brand to brand (and sometimes drastically even within the same brand). I wear the clothes that fit my body and my style.  The specific size doesn't really matter.  But for this post it makes sense for me to tell you that I generally wear around a 12/14 on top and 14/16 on the bottom. Which means I am often shopping in regular and plus sized stores to find what I need.    I remind myself regularly that the clothes are designed for a fit model and then adjusted in size. It isn't me.  It is the clothes.  But it can make shopping frustrating.

To be honest, I find a lot of Plus Size clothes boring.   I am very happy to see this changing over the past few years, because I want to wear great clothes that make me look great for the size and shape I am today.   I often skip the "rules" about what I should or should not wear based on my size.  I love black and white horizontal stripes. So I wear them. I feel great when I wear my striped t-shirt and I believe I look great too.    And am happy to see some designers are starting to also ignore the "rules" for their plus size clothes.   It makes fashion much more fun for everyone!

Toni Plus comes to Vancouver

But for those in the Vancouver market online shopping is often the best option to finding great plus size clothes.  That is also changing.  The Vancouver market recently just got one more plus size fashion boutique... at The Bay Downtown.  Toni Plus, who is celebrating 20 years offering design fashion to curvy Canadians, has opened a 2,000 sq ft shop-in-a-shop at The Bay Downtown.    And even though it sits in the middle of The Bay it really is a boutique. It is not a fast fashion fix.  It has dynamic designs,  quality fabrics and unique details that makes this great fashion forward plus size fashion.

Details like reversible jackets with bold accents, animal print skinny jeans and a little sparkle.

Details like orange cuffs/lapels on a red coat, and buttons on a pair of leggings.

 The Vancouver boutique also offers two collections designed and manufactured in Vancouver by local labels Diane Kennedy and Sympli Grand.   I have known about Diane Kennedy for a while, she showcases sustainable luxe eco-friendly, organic clothing.  But Sympli was a new label for me.   And as my regular readers know I always love hearing about Vancouver labels.  And I will admit I was rather surprised that they would be carried at The Bay.

Certified organic bamboo top from Diane Kennedy

I also love Toni's story about starting Toni Plus.  She doesn't believe in the rules either, in fact she believes much of her success comes from being naive about the dos and don't of plus fashion in the early years. "I didn't set parameters or rules for my customers" (The Toronto Star).     Her success has helped her up enough clout to give designers more than a gentle push to do more and do it better.  And that is my kind of lady!

toni T flare coat in cobalt blue.

And my favourite of the day was this knit colour block dress.

Colour block knit dress by Elena Grunert.

You can see some of the other fashions in this clip from Vancouver's CTV Breakfast show.   Toni Plus also has stores in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

Another plus for their boutique being inside The Bay is that if I don't find what I need at Toni Plus, I just walk across the aisle to see what else there might be in other departments.

Disclosure: I was invited to a media event at the Toni Plus launch and came home with a lovely goodie bag, which included a great necklace and earrings which I will likely debut soon.   The lovely PR team at Dig PR and Marketing also helped provide some photos in this post.   All opinions are my own.