It seems I sort of disappeared for a while. It was not my plan but a nasty cold hit about a month ago and just didn't want to let go.  I am still hacking and coughing today.  So I had to re-prioritize some things as I get ready for the Holidays.  And all my well laid blog plans went astray.

This morning my husband asked what I wanted Santa to put in my stocking this year.  So I thought I'd put out a few last minute stocking stuffer suggestions - perhaps one or two of these might work as hints for the Santa in your house.


  • Grace: A Memoir.  I am dying to read this memoir from Grace Coddington the Creative Director of Vogue magazine.
  • I love my e-reader.  Gift cards for Kobo are near the top of my list.
  • The new Rachael Ray Cookbook - @Archaeolemur is looking for this one in  her stocking
  • A favourite magazine.


Forward this video from Diane's Lingerie to your partner with some important tips on buying lingerie for your lady.


  • Amaluna - Cirque du Soleil:  My husband and I treated ourselves to a date night to Cirque du Soleil this year. It was our Christmas present to each other.  We always marvel at the Cirque du Soleil shows and it was great to spend some fun time just us. Amuluna shows in Vancouver until January 20th, then it travels to Seattle in January and Calgary in April.
  • Opera tickets- My regular readers know that I love the opera.  There are some great operas being presented across the country in early 2013 and they fit nicely into a stocking:
    • Vancouver Opera presents Magic Flute this March.
    • Canadian Opera Company in Toronto presents Tristan Und Isolde starting January January 29th. If you live in Toronto these are a hot ticket and 90% sold already.
    • Calgary Opera is presenting the infamous Falstaff in February.
  • Movie tickets - I used to grown when I got gift cards for the movies. But now a night out at the movies is a rare treat - especially if the babysitting is also through in.
  • Music - i-Tunes cards are usually welcome by Apple product users.

Food or Drink

I am a big chocolate lover.  I like to drink it and I also love to eat it, especially when mixed with nuts or raspberry.   I am also a bit tea drinkers. So here are a few of my favourites:

  • Hot Chocolate - Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate or Camino Dark Chocolate Drink Mix
  • Tea - Caramel Roiboos from Shaktea on Main Street, or their Mount Pleasant Sunset or Pumpkin Spice. Warning to tea lovers you may disappear down the rabbit hole on their website.
  • Chocolates 
    • Mink Chocolate's Mermaid's Choice - this mixes burnt caramel and fleur de sel with a hint of rosemary in Hand made Dark Chocolate.
    • A Chocolate Lover's Workshop at Cocoa Nymph - note they are now booking for late January workshops.
    • Godiva's Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Chocolate Bar is a long time favourite.
  • An Orange - A required elements in the toe of any Christmas Stocking.  And something to keep you going until breakfast is ready.

Beauty Products

This is always a popular item for stockings, but it is also a high risk gift.  Beauty products are very personal for people.  I don't wear any perfume, have very sensitive skin and have started closely examining the ingredients list.  I will admit I took the guess work out of this for my husband and bought myself an EOS Lip Balm for him to put in my stocking.   For those in Vancouver, the Soap Dispensary, has a number of eco-friendly personal care product options.

On twitter I asked for input in stocking stuffers and some ladies included the following suggestions:


Anything in a little blue box is usually welcome in my stocking.  But be cautious as jewelry is a very personal thing.

I am also fond of local designer Irit Sorokin (images below).    One of my favourite places to find Irit's designs is at Fine Finds in Yaletown. They stock a fair number of local artisans and have some great gift ideas for young and old.   Her designs are also available at Jeweliette, Urban Rack, Forever Young Jewellery, House of Jewels and Chloe Angus.


Personal Hobby or Exercise Accessories

I mention this last because I consider it the most Advanced Stocking Stuffer Category.  What does your wife love to do?  For many women this might be a particular type of exercise - for me it is Zumba, for others running or pole dancing classes.  For others it could be baking, knitting, crafting or carpentry.  The trick is getting her something she actually wants/needs to help her enjoy her hobby.  Don't guess.  You don't want to risk offending her, if she thinks you are hinting she needs to start running again.

My husband will likely steer clear of this area. He knows I have tested several Zumba Kinect games and have NOT loved any of them yet.  Although a gift card for new sneakers would be welcome.

Have I missed anything you think is a critical last minute stocking stuffer idea?  If yes, please share it below.

Disclaimer - None of the above links are affiliate. I will NOT benefit in anyway if you click on them.