This is the face of a beautiful confident woman.  She is speaking in Vancouver this week, as part of the Unique Lives & Experiences program.  I am taking one of my oldest girlfriends and I am so excited it isn't even funny.

Talk about a woman who Owns Her Beauty.  She embraces life and makes no apologizes for her age.  She is a celebrity who isn't afraid to show her "flaws" to the world.   And I have to admit I love that her face moves when she smiles.  She has expressions, which so many in Hollywood are losing as they try to reverse aging.  Give me an opportunity to express my emotions through my face over wrinkle free anyday.

This is the woman who in her 40s appeared without makeup, un-retouched in More magazine in her underwear.  And she looked truly fantastic.

She also puts quite a few of those young, over styled starlets to shame  on the Red Carpet.

Jamie this April at the American Red Cross Red Tie Affair.

I can't wait to hear her story this week.  I am sure she will have us laughing, crying and inspired all at the same time.  Am I gushing?  Yes?  Well, I think I want to become Jamie Lee Curtis when I grow up.

Photos - and More Magazine.